It feels great when you have a choice of unlimited options. This holds true even for swimming pools as well. There are different kinds of swimming pool styles designs that vary in terms of sizes, shapes, designs, and types. Before you take the plunge and figure out the best swimming pool for you and your family, take a tour of various options available.

Architectural Pool

A Detailed Guide to Types and Styles of Swimming Pools 1

Just as the name suggests, an architectural pool is one with definite lines, proper structure, and is designed using the same materials as used for your house. This pool gives a cohesive appearance.

Such a pool is designed by architects in different shapes and sizes. If you are custom-building your house, consider building the pool at the same time. It will help you gain the perfect pool layout.

Above-Ground Pool

The above-ground pool comes at low economical prices. It lets homeowners dip into their private oasis in a less costly manner. Being portable, these pools can move with you.

Such pools are easier to work with, including designing the pool on rocky areas. Adding a deck on this pool will still cost you fewer bucks.

Indoor Pool

swimming pool in house

This is one of the popular swimming pool styles designs that is designed under a roof and insulated by walls. Such pools are geometric and simple shapes. They are built particularly to impart training throughout the year.

The cost of insulating indoor pools is less as compared to heating outdoor pools. It is because there is less space for the heat to escape.

Recreational Pool

Even if you don’t have many bucks, you can still create a family pool in your small scale space. Incorporate your pool with breathtaking features, caves, elaborate slides, boulders, and tunnels and make it a perfect space for people of all ages.

If you love entertainment, you can add different entertaining elements in your pool,

Kiddie Pool

A kiddie pool is perfect for you if you have limited scale and budget. There are numerous inflatable models available, which you can pick.

These pools are both affordable and attainable. Just drain the pool after each use and keep a close eye on your kids to for safety purpose.

Lap Pool

This kind of pool is built mainly for health and fitness purposes. Usually, lap pools are narrow and long and not more than 50 feet long.

The best shape for lap pools is rectangular. But, you can always a certain exclusive trait as per your preference.

Infinity Pool

A Detailed Guide to Types and Styles of Swimming Pools 2

Such pools are also known as infinity edge pools, negative edge, or zero-edge pools. They are custom-built and designed to accentuate a specific view.

When done in the right way, infinity pool gives an illusion of water sheet dropping off over the edges of your property, like a spillover or waterfall.

Plunge Pool

These are cold-water, small pools. Many athletes and swimmers prefer plunging into the pool of cold water after a spa, sauna, or heated workout.

You can create a separate plunge pool or an attached part of the bigger in-ground pool. They look like a spa but have cold water instead.

Some people like a pool for entertaining and relaxation, while others use it only for partying. Just select a pool style as per your preference and get the job done only by experts.

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