During May to September, the weather in Charlotte, North Carolina is warm and humid. To see you through this muggy time of year makes investing in a private swimming pool, a worthwhile proposition. Before taking this plunge, reviewing factors that contribute to an inground pool cost is highly advisable.

Be an informed consumer by undertaking adequate research before making this steep investment. An inground pool not only affects the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also impacts the value of your home.

Factors that have a direct bearing on an inground pool cost are listed here for your easy reference:

Material Used for Construction

vinyl pool liner replacement

Construct inground swimming pools using either fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner. The starting price revolves around the material eventually selected as the labor, and raw material costs vary correspondingly. These prices differ across individual markets. In some regions concrete is priced at the highest end of the spectrum with fiberglass perched midway and vinyl liner being the most economical.

Long-Term Repercussions

Fiberglass pools are considered the most durable owing to the highly advanced Gelcoat layer used, which lasts a lifetime. This coating refers to that part of the pool we touch and see. In contrast, vinyl liners need replacement every few years at a phenomenally high cost. Similarly, concrete pools require expensive resurfacing after every decade or so, on an average.

The Gelcoat layer provided in fiberglass pools prevents stubborn algae from embedding the surface. It correspondingly reduces the use of chemicals, expenses incurred on repairs, and time required to maintain the pool.  When the pool filter and pump are run at lower speeds and for shorter durations, it substantially saves on energy.

Layout of Your Yard

The exact site where you intend to install your pool has a bearing on the inground pool cost. If your yard is relatively flat, very little or, no additional charges are warranted. In the case of hilly terrain, the base price of the pool is likely to rise. This is attributed to additional site related work needed before, during, or after the final installation.

Similarly, sites with large slopes require retaining walls to avoid the flow of water affecting your inground pool and other surrounding structures. Standard equipment is used to excavate and construct the pool. For this purpose, it helps to gain easy access to your yard. In case of restricted access even from adjoining properties, special equipment is required thus, increasing your overall costs.

A Desire for Additional Features

pool light replacement

Hi-tech features like underwater lighting, automated cleaning systems, heaters, and automatic covers, increase the inground pool cost. When your budget is not a constraint, you can even opt to landscape your external surroundings and undertake extensive deck work. The desire for such add on features involves shelling out more money. What works out very economical is hiring one contractor for the entire project.

Avoid employing the wrong contractor and investing in a high maintenance pool. Once you have a well thought out plan factoring in all associated costs, you are good to go.

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