How Do You Pick the Right Pool?

With a variety of materials at your disposal, building Boise pools has never been easier. So many different options will enable you to design a pool that is completely unique to your specifications. If you’re unsure on how to even start designing your pool, we suggest matching the design with the look of your home.

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If you have a modern style home, going with a modern styled pool would keep the aesthetic cohesive. Modern style pools are composed of geometric shapes and clean lines. Mosaic tiles are used to add vibrant colors to the pools. These pools are poured concrete typically. Modern pools look fantastic with LED lighting. Tiled waterfalls will give your pool an added ambiance. With modern styled pools, spas are inset into the design to keep up with that modern flow you may desire. Sleeked out tanning chairs will give a upscale look to your deck.

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Mediterranean pools characteristically have a beautiful azure color and the classic Roman or Greek shape. Decking for Mediterranean pools are usually stones which will correlate with the stones used in your home if applicable. This ensures a beautiful transition from your home to outside living area. Brightly colored tiles are a nice addition to accent the waterline. Waterfalls and fountains can be a beautiful add on to your Mediterranean pool. Rounded spas are popular with these style pools because of the shape of the pools. Classic styled pools are rectangular with rounded edges typically.

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Traditional pools are, well, the most traditional and commonly built. In traditional pools you will find that the shapes are usually rectangular or kidney shaped. If a spa is built into a traditional pool they are generally raised with the spa flowing into the pool. The water color is that of a natural pond or lake, a very pretty blue.

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Tropical pools are the supreme relaxation pools. Bringing an air of “you’re on vacation”, tropical pools are outfitted with waterfalls made from natural rock. A hallmark of a tropical pool is, of course, palm trees and other tropical plants. Boulders surrounding the perimeter of the pool is part of the style. These pools are extravagant in nature. Waterslides through lush greenery bordered by boulders is another common sight with a tropical pool design. Adding mosaic tiles to the bottom of the pool and planters around the pools edge gives tropical pools an extra flair.


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