Dog Pools vs. Human Pools

With plenty of room to swim, jump, and splash around, it is no secret that doggy daycares and hotels with swimming pools for pups are enjoying their day in the sun! The ability to offer a large, clean pool for our furry friends and family members to enjoy and splash around in 7 days a week is a booming new trend is doggy daycares. The heated pools are often available to canine guests during open swim times for those wanting to socialize with other dogs and their owners. The pools are also wonderful for private reservations – a great option for trainers, rehabilitation, pooch parties, and dogs that simply prefer having the pool to themselves!


A 21′ x 41′ pool is ideal. This ensures high standards of hygiene and water management system filters. In this environment you are able to heat and sanitize the water through a circulation pump. A specially designed in-line electric heater and a high-rate sand filtration system assists in this process.

While human pools come in many different shapes and sizes, doggy pools tend to be more shallow and require slightly different equipment to ensure cleanliness when dog fur and dander are introduced. There are many breeds of dogs that enjoy water and swimming. Therefore, a pool made just for them brings about energy maintenance by way of exercise, a place to cool off and overall stimulation.


Below are a few other popular boarding/daycare amenities for dogs:

Dog grooming

From brushing and basic bath to nail clipping and oral hygiene baths, the service providers can customize a program that can have your dog looking great and smelling fresh. Frequent grooming and bathing will also lead to less shedding and provide your dog a healthier skin and coat. The services are not only available to overnight or day care guests but are also offered in between visits to keep your furry friend looking his best.

Secure Outdoor Spaces

The boarding/daycare dog facilities have outdoor spaces that are secured for your dog to enjoy. Your dog will get the optimum amount of exercise and play for his/her mental and physical health. Your dog will also have a lot of similarly-sized playmates to play with; however, individual play is also offered to dogs that are older or less social. The highly skilled workers regularly monitor the play area, making sure your dog’s safety and enjoyment.

Dog Daycares with Pools are having their day in the sun! 1

With the help of a team committed solely to workouts for your canine you can rest easy knowing that your dog is not simply at home, sleeping the day away. Dog handlers at doggy daycares are skilled and passionate people, who choose to commit their time, both professionally and personally, with family pets.

Webcam Access

For most dog parents, leaving their dog can be a stressful experience. That is why these facilities provide webcam access gadget to help you check in your furry friend. Whether you are traveling or away for the day, you can keep an eye on them as they make new friends and have fun at your convenience. You might even get to sneak a peek at your pooch in the pool!

Spa Services

A day at the spa is an important part of any getaway. Since your dog will love their own vacation while at the boarding/daycare facility, ensure you include spa services as part of their stay. Your dog will be happy and clean when you go to pick him or her up.

Dog Care

Kennel technicians are in charge of maintaining the dogs’ health and comfort. Their responsibilities include taking detailed notes and coming up with care plans, feeding, cleaning throughout the day, looking after the dog’s needs as they emerge, and medicating. Boarding/daycare facility technicians care for the dogs the entire day or at night, or even both. These technicians must have a high level of previous experience.

Dog pools simply help stimulate & engage

If dogs are not engaged, busy and active, they get bored. Boredom can cause behavior issues like chewing on anything, barking and digging. Without frequent workouts, dogs can get overweight, having an impact on their quality of life and decrease their life spans. Dog pools in doggy daycares or hotels are ideal for providing exercise and stimulation in large doses!

Interested in a Doggy or Human Pool of your own?