If you want your pooches to romp around in the backyard, you need to maintain the space with caution. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep your dog happy when trying to achieve well-manicured landscaping in your backyard. Luckily, there are some amazing landscaping options for dogs that can work well for your home. Here are the tips to create a low-maintenance and dog-friendly landscape in your backyard.

Install Backyard Fences

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Fences in the backyard not only create a private space but also ensure the safety of your pet. It will keep your dog safe and indoors. If you have a small yard, you can fence the entire area to make it look larger. However, for larger yards, fencing in some portions can allow better landscaping designs. You can choose a chain-link fence for ease of installation. It offers a safe enclosure for the pets. Also, you can select the fencing material that goes well with the landscape style in your backyard.

Choose Comfortable Ground Cover

Landscaping options for dogs include ground covers that protect the soil beneath. Brown spots left behind by your mutt can stain the grass. You need to wash them off instantly to prevent staining. Since it is not easy to keep up, you can choose a comfortable ground cover. The choices include clover that’s safe and less likely to get stained.

For a low-maintenance option, you can turn to synthetic turf that doesn’t need mowing or watering. If you want to go without grass, there are options like river stones and mulch that can create a dog-friendly area in your backyard.

Plant Dog-Friendly Shrubs

When it comes to choosing plants for backyard landscaping, you should go for safe plants and flowers. There are plants that can be poisonous for your pet. You would never want your lovely pooch to chew on a poisonous plant such as iris, chrysanthemum, peony, begonia, dahlia, and hydrangea. Instead, choose dog safe plants like zinnia, sunflower, sage, cilantro, marigold, tiger lily, and snapdragons. For a list of safe plants, you can check details at ASPCA.

Create Plenty of Shaded Area

If you want to prevent your dog from digging holes in the lawn, create some cool shades in the backyard. An arbor, pergola, or a dog house will give it a break from the blistering sun. It will also add aesthetic appeal and value to your home. A classy log cabin is all that your outdoorsy pet will need.

Install a Water Feature

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In the hot summer, make your dog cool off in the amazing water features. Breeds like retrievers and spaniels prefer playing a lot in water. So, installing features like a pool, waterfalls, or fountains will keep the dogs hydrated and happy. Whenever you install a water feature, do a safety check to ensure easy access for your pet.

Add Dog-Friendly Pathways

It is a natural instinct for your dog to patrol the yard. However, it may wear down the grass when patrolling across the lawn. You can build a pathway for your pooch to let him enjoy his daily patrols without hurting the grass. Round pebbles or mulch around the boundary of the yard is the best option.

These are some landscaping options for dogs to keep them happy in your backyard.

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