Typically dogs love to swim. Some breeds enjoy swimming more than others.  Most swimming pool owners ask us questions regarding dogs and pools. Anywhere from will their fur clog the filter, are the chemicals safe and will their claws scratch the walls. Here are some tips you can enjoy swimming with your dog. Below are some frequent questions we get relating to pools and dogs.


What type of swimming pool can my furry friend swim in?

First, any vinyl lined swimming pool is definitely not good for you dog since dog’s claws and paws can create small punctures or tear the liner, which can result in major problems. Inground pools such as concrete and fiberglass are less likely to get damaged by your dog. Based on your dog’s size, it may be smart to incorporate big steps to the design so that your dog knows where to get in/out of the swimming pool.


Will my filter system get destroyed by dogs’ hair?

Though a dog’s hair is harder on a filter system, it is not proven to lead to serious damage if correctly kept. If your swimming pool has a cartridge filter it might imply that you must clean the filter element more often. If you have a sand filter, you should backwash frequently also. Keeping your swimming pool properly chlorinated can help as well. When using a chlorine generator, it is possible to achieve this with minimal effort, besides adjusting the pH and testing the water when required.

Another method of maintaining your filter system is using a skimmer sock to catch dog hair to help you remove it from the swimming pool before it passes through the system. This can help you reduce cleaning time of the filter and clogs. Remember, it is essential that your filter runs the necessary turnover.


What chemicals must I avoid if my dog loves swimming?

With regards to chemicals, similar to with humans everything is used moderately. There are no clear-cut warnings out there especially for dogs; however, if you would not swim in your swimming pool we would not allow your animals. There is no proper answer since there has not been a lot of a study on this in the swimming pool industry. Although, with regards to fewer chemicals and healthier water, clients have used salt pools to prevent any harm for their loved ones as a whole for that matter. Simply because most people let their animals to swim in the pool, we have seen that salt chlorine generators work perfectly with dogs. They generate a low level of natural chlorine, the chemicals are not harsh and the salt is easy on the skin for both dogs and people.

If you have any queries regarding your swimming pool or seeking for service, you can give us a call. You can even visit us and one of our swimming pool care experts will be happy to assist.

Enjoy your swimming pool, and allow us to help you always maintain it clear and swim ready!

Are you and your furry friend craving a pool?