Before unleashing your dogs in the pool, understand the safety issues that encompass this decision. While it is adorable to watch your furry friend splashing around the pool, keep their safety in mind just as you would your kids. Whether you can allow your pet in the pool or not, it depends on several aspects.

dogs in pools

Pools Have Advantages for the Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also benefit a lot from swimming in the pool. It is a low-impact body workout and an easy exercise for the joints. It is beneficial for both aging canines and young pups alike. Also, swimming is great for the cardiovascular system of dogs. You should start slow and gradually, increase the swim sessions for your pet.

Apart from exercising, pools also help the dogs to cool off on hot days. You should make sure that the water temperature is comfortable before allowing dogs in the pool. If the water is too hot or too cold, it can shock the animals and frighten them. A plunge in the cool water is refreshing for the pets while warm water is great for their muscles and blood flow. Hence, you can make swimming a part of their fitness routine and family bonding.

Pool Advantages Vary As Per Breed

Not all dogs instinctively know about swimming. Some breeds can swim better than others. It depends on their physical build and nature. You can train your dog to swim with rigorous routines. However, there are some dogs like pugs, dachshunds, and bulldogs that can simply never swim. You shouldn’t force your pet to jump in the water unless it is willing to. The dogs that can swim easily have strong and long limbs. They can be bred to hunt and retrieve.

Ensure Safety Training

When allowing your dogs in the pool, you must ensure that they have proper safety training. You should teach them how to use the pool stairs when they get near the pool. Even if they fall accidentally in the water, it will help them to exit safely. Also, teach your pet to remain calm in the pool, especially when there are young swimmers around. Don’t let your dog drink the pool water because it can cause severe stomach infections. With caution and care, you can allow your pet to have great fun while swimming in the pool.

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Risk of Dog Hair and Nails

Many dog owners dread that hair and nails of their pet may clog the filter systems. This is not entirely the truth. Although these elements can be hard on the filter system, they do not cause any damage. The skimmer basket in your pool will remove them from the water while you can do extra skimming once the hair settles down on the floor. Sometimes, you may also worry about your pet scratching or tearing the vinyl liner. It depends on the height of your pet and their ability to get in/out of the pool.

In short, you can say that dogs in the pool are not such a big threat as you anticipate. With some precautions and training, you can allow your beloved pet to have fun in the water.