When it comes to choosing the right shape of a pool, rectangular pool designs win the race with their simplicity. You do not always need a complex structure in the middle of your backyard. Sometimes, a simple design will suffice. You can select a rectangular or rectilinear pool that’s easy to build and complements any type of architecture. However, before you proceed, consider the outdoor space available for placement of the pool. Here are some stunning rectangular pools to check out.

pool design options

Choose a Geometric Shape

Though swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes, you can add novelty to your rectangular pool by merging geometric patterns. A rectangular pool with LED lighting and a rectangular hot spa add elegance to the structure. Surround it with lush landscaping to compensate for simplicity with luxuriant charm.

Rectangular Lap Pool

Although lap pools are basic in design, they are perfect for ardent swimmers. If you prefer your mornings starting off with exercising in your pool, choose this shape. You can decorate a lap pool with greenery and lighting to accentuate its appearance. Also, there are options like adding wooden decks to enhance the simplicity of designs.

Rectangular Pool with Vanishing Edges

The rectangular pool designs with vanishing edges are incredibly beautiful and elegant. They create a reflective mirror in your backyard and serve as a sight from where you can enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Along with mood-enhancing features like a fire pit and landscape lighting, an infinity pool is all that you need to create a luxurious setting in your home.

Rectangular Pool with a Raised Foundation

If you have a huge backyard, you can try a rectangular shaped pool that comes at level with any terrace in your yard. You can make it on a raised foundation using natural stones for a medieval look to the entire setting. Design a spa near the pool and a waterfall to complete its looks.

Pool Design with Desert Landscaping

With a few enhancements and a rectangular pool, you can recreate the look of a desert in your backyard. Choose desert-themed landscaping along with wood decking that covers the area from the house to the pool. It creates a cohesive appearance. Add warm colors and materials to these rectangular pool designs. The pool itself can be a simple zero-entry style.

Rectangular Pool with a Patio

pool patio ideas

A well-designed pool with a stunning patio can bring the best luxuries to your home. Even if you have a small backyard, a rectangular pool is a perfect fit. You can choose concrete for pool and natural stone for decking as well as a patio to tie all elements together.

Rectangular Pool with Fountains

Even if you have a traditional rectangular pool, you can transform the outdoor environment by integrating custom water features. You can place fountains spilling into the pool from stone pillars. This creates a beautiful appearance in your backyard. Along with stunning pavers and greenery, it becomes a focal point for your home.

These are some stunning rectangular pool designs that merge simplicity with style in your backyard.

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