Whether you’re planting for the first time or you are an expert gardener, you need the best plants that can flourish in your backyard. Choosing the best backyard plant ideas is important to create a beautiful landscape. To get the maximum bang for your buck, you can choose perennials and shrubs that provide long-lasting sustenance to your garden. You can choose one of these easy options to see your backyard prosper.


Easy Plants that Flourish in the Backyard 1

Coneflower can thrive even in the pool soil. This purple flower is native to the eastern United States. It attracts pollinators and requires minimum maintenance. The stunning purple flower of this plant requires a little trim every summer. If you live in a region with normal rainfall, you needn’t water your plant too often. Fertilize the plant when buds are undeveloped to let it grow and flourish.

Creeping Sedum

As a low-maintenance plant, creeping sedum comes in a variety of succulents. They can survive in unfavorable conditions of arid regions as well. Whether you plant them in a driveway or in a desert, these plants will grow beautifully. They are available in a variety of color ranging from red-bronze to blue-gray.


Apart from being popular, peonies are probably one of the easiest backyard plant ideas to grow. They can thrive in any temperature and climate with little care. And, if you happened to care a little more, they will end up for more than 100 years in your backyard.

American Beautyberry

For year-round color in your backyard, choose this beautiful lilac berry shrub. The leaves of beautyberry fall away after months of green foliage to reveal the stunning purple berries. This plant is not only stunning but it is also resistant to pests and diseases. Once you plant it, it requires minimum efforts on your part to bloom beautifully.


The calming beauty of lavenders is not the only reason to plant this flower in your backyard. It is, in fact, an easy plant to grow. But, before you plant lavenders, make sure that they receive dry soil and ample sunshine. So, drought or lack of watering is never the limitations to grow them.

Easy Plants that Flourish in the Backyard 2

© Lisa Hallett Taylor


The leafy hosta can grow and flourish in almost any temperature zone and level of sunlight. It works as a wonderful ground cover for yards having plenty of shaded areas. You just need to water them in the morning to prevent their leaves from withering under the sun. With small care, it will become the best landscape feature in your backyard.


The aromatic mint not only repels the mosquitoes but also helps to make the best mojitos. You can plant peppermint herb in your garden with minimum efforts. It comes with easy maintenance but the roots of this plant can be too invasive. They grow quickly and may overtake your entire garden. So, it is better to place them in potters that you can transfer easily from your garden to your kitchen windowsill.

These are some easy backyard plant ideas for your home. You need a well-maintained backyard to plant any of these flowers and shrubs.

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