If you care about the environment, you may be thinking about eco-friendly pools. Whether you already have a pool and want to do an upgrade or if you are wanting to install a new pool, you should think about eco-friendly pools. Not only do eco-friendly pools help our environment, they can also benefit your backyard, so that you have a better experience with your swimming pool.

eco-friendly pools

Chlorine & Its Negative Effects

While pool owners often rely on chlorine to clean their pools, there are some things pool owners might not know about chlorine. You have to make sure that you handle it and dispense it in the right way. If you are exposed to chlorine too much, it can be dangerous since this powerful chemical can damage your swimming pool’s structure, accessories and even your swimsuits. Besides those things, chlorine can cause health problems like irritation of the skin & eyes, respiratory system challenges and you may even notice asthma and allergies developing in children. When pool season is over, draining a pool that is chlorinated is toxic to your local waterways, aquatic life and to animals. If you want to avoid negative effects that come from chlorine, there are pool owners that have chosen to implement green pool designs and practices.

Natural Swimming Pool Designs

As you are looking at eco-friendly pools, you can look to different natural swimming pool designs to give you the results that you need. These pools look like a pond or a lake and are rather low maintenance and there are no harsh chemicals required. Instead of using fiberglass, the materials that are going to be used are gravel and clay. You will experience sloping sides and a dedicated area for aquatic plants and an area free of plants so you can swim.

eco-friendly pools

Eco-Friendly Pool Options

If you don’t want to have a natural swimming pool, you might want to install a moss-filtered pool water system. If you already have a swimming pool and want to add a moss-filtered pool water system, you will save money as well as help the environment.

Ozone pool water systems are another great option for eco-friendly pools. If you want a more sustainable pool maintenance system, an ozone sterilization system uses mineral purifiers and ozonators to increase pool clarity and water quality. Ozone which is known as tri-atomic oxygen is a powerful compound that is able to effectively oxidize and sanitize pool killing contaminants and pathogens. These systems convert oxygen into bacteria-killing ozone by using electricity which reduces the needs for chemicals by about 80%.

eco-friendly pools

Eco-Friendly Pools – Conclusion

If you are ready to implement eco-friendly pools in your backyard, make sure to give us a call. We are glad to help you through the entire process. Since we have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry, we understand how to make each part of the process work seamlessly so you are going to be able to get the pool of your dreams while you are operating an eco-friendly pool.

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