If you have been using a swimming pool, then you might know about various pool cleaning systems. In most newly built pools, there is one system that is gaining more traction. That is none other than the automated and integrated cleaning system. Also known as in-floor pool cleaning system, it is seeing increasing demand in the current market. The reasons for this are the guaranteed optimal cleaning and lower cost of maintenance. And more importantly, it does not require human intervention.

Most in-floor cleaners are installed during a new pool build out. However, you can also add them while renovating your pool.

In-Floor Pool Cleaners: Working

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An in-floor pool cleaning system has one or a set of automatic electro-valves to distribute water to the pool. Water can be distributed to the entire pool or some areas, depending on the pool needs and its size.

Besides these valves, there are a set number of strategically placed nozzles at the bottom of the pool, near the stairs, or on the walls. These nozzles send pressured water which pushes dirt and debris in the pool to be collected in the in-floor cleaner drain.

In-floor cleaning systems can be used for pools of any size and any needs, by adjusting the power of water circulation. So, you might want to take the advice of a pool professional in finding the right fit for your pool and help you with the installation.

Benefits of In-Floor Cleaning Systempool installation

Apart from providing optimal cleaning for your swimming pool, in-floor cleaners can:

  • Sanitize your pool
  • Reduce heat and water loss
  • Evenly distribute the pool chemicals
  • Eliminate cold pockets

Minimum human effort needed:

The unique cleaning head sprays pressurized water into the pool. This helps the drain to collect and remove dirt and debris without human effort. It also closes and becomes invisible when the cleaning system is switched off.

Venturi effect:

Similar to standard jets, in-floor cleaners use water from the pump. However, the difference lies in the use of a venturi effect. Here, the cleaners pull water from the top to create a more powerful cleansing spray. By using two water sources, they can make a much stronger jet.

Importance of Circulation in Efficient Cleaning

Your pool water cannot be standing or still. For an effective pool cleaning method, you need proper circulation. Efficient pool circulation means even distribution of chemicals. In addition, you can also avoid debris and dirt getting collected.

While the in-floor systems are working, the cleaning heads provide a 360-degree rotation. This way, they guarantee excellent cleaning and overall circulation. Hence, you have evenly distributed, clean, heated water throughout your backyard oasis. The best part is that you do not need to put in any effort in the cleaning process.

Furthermore, the cleaning heads are placed in areas like the bottom of the pool, the steps, or benches. This means they won’t be interrupting your pool time and you can enjoy a great swimming experience.

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