The key to a healthy swimming season is frequent swimming pool maintenance. Before you grab the beach towels and head to your outdoor space for the afternoon, ensure you are not making any pool care mistakes.

El Dorado Hills Pool Service: Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes 1

Knowing the right and wrong way to take care of your swimming pool will prevent damage to the pool’s components. It will also prevent poor quality of water. Talk to your El Dorado Hills Pool Service experts for more tips on avoiding pool care mistakes. They will help in keeping your swimming pool looking its best.

Common pool care mistakes you should avoid:

Not running the pool’s pump

The pump moves pool water through the filtration system to ensure that it stays clean. While most households minimize using their pool pump to save money on electricity, this may end up affecting the quality of your pool water and encouraging the growth of algae. The best El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals recommend that during peak summertime temperatures you should run the pool pump for 7- 8 hours every day. If you have had an issue with algae and are seeking to clear it up, you might need to run the pool pump around the clock until your pool water clears.

Neglecting the filter

Swimming pool filters make sure that the pool is free from debris and dirt; until they become clogged with debris themselves and will not function any more. Avoid running a filter that’s clogged since it puts a strain on the equipment and might involve replacements and repairs.

Not shocking the swimming pool after excessive use

Throwing a pool party with lots of swimmers can affect the chlorine residual and in many instances, all the chlorine vanishing by the end of the party. If the level of chlorine isn’t restored soon after the event, the pool can begin to turn green and cloudy by morning. Once all swimming is over for the day, the professionals also recommend shocking the pool and running the filter for several hours.

Pool Care Mistakes

Not cleaning the swimming pool walls

It can be challenging to remove algae that accumulate on pool floors and walls. El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals recommend that running a swimming pool cleaner every couple of weeks will get rid of surface dirt and reduce the accumulation of algae.

Water level

Seriously consider your pool’s water level, particularly in the scorching summer months. Ensure the level of water is halfway up the skimmer intake always. If the level of pool water becomes very low, the pool pump might lose its prime and run dry leading to costly damage to the equipment. When the pool pump is deprived of water, there will definitely be poor filtration resulting in a green swimming pool.

Not brushing the swimming pool

Pool brushing is important to get to difficult to reach parts such as behind ladders and corners. Correct brushing will eliminate the probability of things such as algae creeping up in your swimming pool.

Pool care mistakes – Conclusion

Owning a pool can be a refreshing, entertaining, and fun experience when all the pool’s aspects are in great order. However, when pool issues begin to emerge, things can get real nasty fast and become major expenses and major problems. Provide your pool with the attention it needs and evade these common pool care mistakes and enjoy your backyard oasis all year long.

Pool Care Mistakes

When you are in search of pool maintenance, you need to look for help from trained professionals. Get help from El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals and find out more about their service.

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