That’s right folks! Ellen Degeneres’ swimming pool now belongs to none other than Ryan Seacrest! This gorgeous pool has Brazilian granite coping and offers views of not only the city but also the ocean.

Ellen is one of the most popular shows around today. She makes you laugh, cry and just gives people an overall sense of joy. This is why so many people love to come on her show and be interviewed. It is always sure to be fun and give a flattering view of themselves, their career or the project they are currently working on. Anyone that needs a dose of positive can count on Ellen!

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Ellen Degeneres’ Swimming Pool Stories

Before Ellen moved from this amazing residence her assistants had been having parties in Ellen Degeneres’ swimming pool and inviting people over to hang out in the pool without her knowledge. One of the people that came to swim in her pool was actually actor Scott Speedman who had no idea that Ellen was not there and had no idea this party was happening.

In a very funny episode on her show, she grilled Scott about the activity and assured him that those assistants had long been fired.

Scott Speedman

Anyone who was able to swim in Ellen Degeneres’ swimming pool is pretty epic, but when you can do it without her knowledge, that’s pretty exciting.

Creating Your Own Pool to Look Like Ellen Degeneres’ Swimming Pool

Do you wish that you had your own swimming pool like the celebs? The good news is that while you can get an amazing pool just like the celebs, you don’t have to pay the big money for the house. You can create your own backyard oasis without even moving if you have a place to put a pool.

This style of pool that you see here on this post can be created for you so you can have the beauty in your backyard, enjoy hours of relaxation and overall enjoyment!

The possibilities are endless when you are thinking of creating your own backyard of beauty.

Maybe you want to look at some other options before you decide to go with this type of pool.

Here is yet another beautiful pool of this style:

Ellen DeGeneres' swimming poolcourtesy of

Popular Swimming Pool Options

Rectangular and geometric swimming pools are a great option and mainly started in California unless you want to go back to the ancient rulers of Babylon and Rome.

Oval or round pools began to gain popularity when they were placed in the backyards of the Hollywood elites.

Thomas Church was the first person to design a kidney-shaped pool back in 1948 but after all of the magazines it was published in, more people started to adopt this funkily shaped pool.

Another great option is the figure eight pool. The figure eight pool is very sexy and oftentimes one end of the pool is going to be bigger than the other.

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