A pool is a great addition to any Tucson property. It is the best environment for get-togethers, friendly gatherings, and a healthy outlet for working out. But having a pool can be expensive. From filter replacements and chemicals to energy efficiency, it stacks up quickly. So if you had ways of reducing your pool’s energy consumption and come up with a pool system that is more efficient, would it interest you? If so, you have come to the right place. That is what this article is all about.

energy efficiency

Read on for some of the best energy efficiency tips for swimming pools. Some of which you can start implementing as soon as today.

Some Helpful energy Efficiency Tips Include:

1. Pool Cover

One of the best energy efficiency options for a residential pool is installing some type of pool cover. Its main purpose is to reduce evaporation, which is one of the primary sources of energy use. Water that has been through the heating and filtration systems has already used lots of energy for preparing it for the pool.

Energy waste happens when water evaporation takes place. When you’re not using the pool, the cover will help reduce the evaporation loss. For this reason, it will allow your pool systems to use less energy.

2. Natural Windbreak

For most homeowners, landscaping the pool area is usually an afterthought. But creating some other kind of windbreak, constructing a berm, or planting a hedge can help in reducing heat loss, which in turn provides energy efficiency. It will also help reduce the evaporation of water that you have already heated, here once more offering savings.

energy efficiency

3. Upgrade Your Pool Area Lights

LED lights are is fast becoming popular, both inside and outside a pool. The use of efficient, high-output LED lights greatly provides energy efficiency than traditional bulbs and lamps.

4. Pool Automation

Nowadays, there’s technology that will automatically operate the pool systems when the costs of energy are lower to help in optimizing your energy use.

5. Having a Clean Pool

It does not just create a more beautiful and appealing pool; having a clean pool will also provide energy efficiency. By getting rid of debris each morning as well as emptying skimmer baskets on a regular basis, the pool system will not need to work as hard. This will help save energy while also letting it run more efficiently for water that is clearer, cleaner, and balanced.

Maintaining your backyard properly can help with this as well. You can back overhanging branches to decrease the amount of twigs, leaves and other unwanted debris that get blown into your pool. Sweep foliage and lawn trimmings on time and reconsider about planting blossoming trees near your pool. They might look attractive, but small blossoming trees like Azalea, Crape Myrtle, and Bottlebrush can create a continuous flow of tiny flowers and twigs into your backyard pool.

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency and Pools-Talk to an Expert!

Talk to your pool expert to help you find the right solution for saving energy and reducing the pool electricity costs. To find out more about energy efficiency and pools, contact the professionals at Premier Pool & Spas of Tucson today! We can help with your pool or backyard needs!

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