A pool will certainly add value and beauty to your property, but it is also the biggest energy user. So it’s essential that you make your pool as energy-efficient as possible. Most pool owners prefer eco-friendly swimming pools. Luckily, with the modern facilities and technology today, it’s possible to make both newly constructed and existing pools energy-efficient. Rather than spending a lot, look at the best energy-efficient pool equipment that is available to start cost-saving benefits.

energy-efficient pool equipment

Pool cover

The best pool cover will help save water and energy. It will keep the pool water warmer at approximately 10 degrees. This can help reduce pool heating costs during summer by up to 90%. Additionally, it will minimize the evaporation of chemicals and pool water by up to 70%, helping to save a lot of water monthly. This energy-efficient pool equipment will also help to ensure your pool stays clean. This means you will have to run the filter far less often, helping save much more energy.

Variable-speed pump

When you update the pump to a variable-speed pump, you will save about 90% on your energy bills in comparison to working with a single-speed pump. Normal pool pumps use more energy when necessary as they just run at one speed. With a variable choice, it’s possible to make speed adjustments to effectively run different pool functions. And by running the pool pump at lesser speed during operation, you eventually save big on energy use. It will amaze you at the amount of money you will save over the lifetime of the pool pump with simply this one update.

energy-efficient pool equipment

Solar blanket

When you’re not using your pool, think about using a solar blanket to cover it. This energy-efficient pool equipment will help in retaining heat in your pool, reduce the amount of pool water that’s lost through evaporation, and help keep debris out of your pool. By minimizing evaporation, you’ll make savings without having to add chemicals to balance the pool water, reheating the water and provide fresh water.

Automatic pool cleaners

You can save yourself many hours of stress and precious time by getting highly effective pool cleaners that can deal with the huge work involved. You can just plug the systems in and see them propel themselves around the pool. They will skim, suck and scrub debris, microorganisms and other unwanted stuff from the pool walls and water. There are 3 kinds of automatic cleaners:

  • Suction cleaners
  • Pressure cleaners
  • Robotic cleaners

Unsure which type to select? Premier Pools & Spas will happily help you to select the right choice for the shape and size of your pool as well as your budget.

Choosing a cartridge filter

The difference between a cartridge filter and a sand type is with a cartridge filter, you don’t have to backwash. By getting rid of the need to backwash, you’ll make savings without having to add chemicals to balance the pool water and use fresh water to refill the pool.

energy-efficient pool equipment

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