Is there an energy efficient pool pump for swimming pools?

The swimming pool pump is the most effective way to keep the circulation consistent throughout your swimming pool and it also helps keep your swimming pool clean. If your swimming pool becomes cloudy, or you notice it starting to get dirty, you should check all of your pool pumps and filters. Keep reading to learn if there is an energy efficient pool pump for your swimming pool.

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps
What is Energy Efficient Pool Pumps?

There are pool pumps designed to be more energy efficient than others. There are a few tricks to learn about your existing pool pump that will help you save money and use energy wisely. Again, if you notice any sudden changes in the cleanliness of your swimming pool, you should check all of your pool equipment and treat your swimming pool as soon as possible.

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How Long Should you Run your Pool Pump?

First, how long are you running your swimming pool pump for now? The average time to run your swimming pool pump is anywhere between 6-10 hrs. Average being 8. Is your pool pump on a timer? If no, than we suggest that you get a timer for your pool pump. It is quite useful, especially if you don’t have enough time, or you forget to turn the pool pump on. Having a pool timer means that it’ll run by itself and you don’t have to worry about resetting the pool pump.

Learn how to calculate how long you should run your swimming pool pump for. Your swimming pool pump is designed to filter through all the water in your swimming pool. So you’ll need to take the number of gallons your swimming pool is, and divide it by the flow rate of your swimming pool (gallons per hour).

When you calculate it, this is what it should look like. Imagine your pump’s flow rate is 2,600 gph and you have a 10,000-gallon pool.

  1. Divide your pool size by your pump’s flow rate to find your turnover rate
    1. 10,000/2,600 = 3.8 hours
  2. Multiply your turnover rate by 2 to calculate 2 full cycles for your system
    1. 3.8 x 2 = 7.6

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