Whether you want to block the curious neighbors, hide an unsightly view, or simply want some dedicated space, privacy is all that you need. Find the most viable solution to cover the backyard with pool from prying eyes or unwanted noises. There’s no standard solution, though. Depending on your needs, you can go for full coverage or choose a fence that covers one side of your backyard.

Here are some easy solutions that help:

Create a Living Wall

The concept of living walls is getting popular and for a good reason. A wall with plantation not only looks lush but it also gives the desired amount of privacy in your backyard. If you have space at a premium, choose species like Arborvitae or Italian Cypress for a fast-growing solution. For a natural and tropical look, go for a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees with perennials and shrubs.

backyard with pool

Traditional or Metal Fence

If you want to create a private zone without blocking the entire view, go for the fenced walls. You can either opt for the traditional wood fence or prefer metal fencing to block the exterior view from your backyard. For a modern look, combine metal posts with wood pickets. But, if you want a sturdy option, choose aluminum or steel posts with metal frame panels. Stained wood is also an excellent option for privacy fence in your backyard with pool.

Tall Hedge

backyard with pool

If you’re looking for a simple and green option to create privacy in your backyard, consider adding one large and tall hedge to your space. It is a great option to build natural outdoor fencing. You can either choose a taller hedge or go for a shorter one that will grow over time.

Privacy Panels

For an architectural interest and additional isolation, you can choose privacy panels. These are wood  that enclose the backyard to create a private retreat. You can also create a functional space using the same privacy panels. Add some slats to hang potted plants or wall pockets for extra visual aesthetic.

Woven Trellis

A trellis or arbor is a simple and attractive outdoor structure that you can build for privacy in your backyard with pool. You can position the trellis to block a view from outside. Cover it with a fast-growing vine for added beauty. If your home has a balcony, you can also add larger trellis pieces with potted plants to cover it up completely over time.

Pool InspirationSturdy Corrugated Metal Fencing

Unlike the traditional wood fence, corrugated metal fence is a cheaper and unique option for privacy in the backyard. It looks like a slick and modern wall that provides full coverage to your yard. You can pair it with wooden beams to make the structure look attractive. The wood beams warm up metal fencing and they don’t look too stark as well.

Apart from visual privacy, you also need to cut the noises coming from outside. Add a water feature like a fountain or waterfall that masks the unwanted noise and creates pleasant sound in your backyard.


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