From floating pool pong tables to giant pizza slices and Inflatable flamingos, pool toys are making it harder for many La Grange residents to give their swimming pool a break. Ever since Taylor Swift debuted images of herself floating on a huge swan with Calvin Harris in her infinity pool, photos of pool toys have been flooding Instagram and other social media platforms.  While having a swimming pool in your backyard is exciting in itself, pools toys are fun accessories that will help you to get the most out of your swimming pool. In this post we have listed 3 of the coolest adult pool toys that will make this summer in La Grange unforgettable.

Beer Pong Float

pool toys Stock up on your favorite beer and red solo cups, then invite your college buddies over to La Grange this summer for the best swimming pool game that they can experience. These beer pong floats are not only the most entertaining swimming pools toys you can purchase, but they’re also perfect for catching up on lost time with your friends. Not a lot of summer games can beat playing an epic round of beer pong in a swimming pool, and you don’t have to worry, it’s sturdy enough to prevent beer from spilling into your pool. You can even get a little wasted, but try not to neglect your pool safety rules.

Floating Golf Green

pool toys Transform your swimming pool in La Grange into your own private golf course whenever you’re tired of swimming. If your idea of a good time is enjoying a peaceful game of golf then you’ll love this adult pool toy. It is perfect for golf enthusiasts who also love to spend time by the swimming pool. Just have your spouse stay in the pool and grab the balls while you play then hop on in the water and cool off when it’s their turn – watch out for balls heading your way! These floating golf Green swimming pool toys are available in different sizes and are generally accompanied by golf flags, floating balls, a regulation cup and a pin.

Floating Hot Tub

pool toys If you’re contemplating installing a hot tub next to your swimming pool in La Grange, this portable floating hot tub may be just want you need to help you decide – although your pool will have to be large enough to accommodate it. Most floating hot tubs on the market today are spaciously designed for at least six people, so you can call your friends over and enjoy a glass of champagne while relaxing – better yet, you can make it a special two person event.

What Are Your Favorite Pool Toys?

Don’t miss out on the fun! Invite a few friends over to hang with you in your backyard in La Grange this summer. While these are our top three, there are many other adult pool toys that you can add to your swimming pool, just take your pick.

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