The addition of ceramic tiles to your Las Vegas pool can be an appealing way for you to bring some detail to the swimming pool. You can install ceramic tiles to cover the entire floor and walls of your pool, or by installing one row of tile at the pool water line. No matter how you design the tiles to lay, consider the different ways you will gain from a ceramic pool.

Enjoy Versatility and Beauty with a Ceramic Pool 1

 Designs of ceramic pool tiling

A pool can have a patterned look or can be all one size and color. Patterns will most likely be expensive; however, they can make an appealing pool, with unique patterns for different areas of your Las Vegas backyard pool. You might have a pool bottom that contrasts or matches with the spa and stair treads, stair treads in a different pattern and a spa with one kind of pattern.

Before you buy ceramic pool tiling, think about all your options. For some tips, Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas will be glad to offer your different options.

Sizes of ceramic pool tiling

They are available in tiling an array of sizes, from large formats to mosaic tiles. There’s much to consider when installing a pool in your Las Vegas backyard. Instead of allowing the price alone to be your guide, think about all the choices. These tiles can look beautiful and might add to your home’s value in the event you choose to sell. If you do not put your home up for sale, you’ll be pleased you took the time to look for the best ceramic pool tiling for your backyard oasis. This is because you’ll enjoy it whether you are using your swimming pool or admiring it from a distance.

Enjoy Versatility and Beauty with a Ceramic Pool 2

What’s the cost of ceramic pool tiling?

These can be a more costly choice than other forms of swimming pool tiling. The lowest priced choice is to paint a pool’s interior. Pebbled pools are cheaper than ceramic tiles. Fiberglass pools also have colors added and they can be cheaper than ceramic. But ceramic pool tiling can make your Las Vegas backyard pool look stunning and it’s not as costly as porcelain or glass, but can look just as great.

Ceramic pool tiles are very different ceramic floor or wall tiles. They should be slip resistant since they are in the water and slipping in a swimming pool can be hazardous.

Colors of ceramic pool tiling

Selecting a color is a significant step since the color will affect the pool water’s color. For instance, if you want the pool water to have a light blue look, selecting light blue ceramic tiles can give the pool water a lighter look.

Ceramic pool colors range from black to white; however, the most common colors are shades of blue and green. The color choice depends on the appearance you intend to get. The tile’s size is essential and the tile’s pattern is another thing to consider.

Ceramic Pool

Ceramic pool- For the ultimate design!

Ceramic pools are a real gem in our offer. To get more information on the choice of pools that we offer, feel free to contact us today by. Our expert Premier Pools, Las Vegas pool builders team would be happy to help with any information on ceramic pools and getting one installed in Las Vegas property.

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