If you’re looking to construct a gunite swimming pool, you might be excited about the prospect of incorporating this new feature to your Gulf Coast backyard. A gunite pool can offer you and your family lots of advantages and hours of enjoyment. But while having fun in a pool can be fun, constructing one is another story.

Gunite Swimming Pool

There’s lots of work that needs to go into planning the gunite swimming pool. You should make sure that you get the right layout and pool so you’re pleased with your choice for many years to come. A lot of factors count when designing and choosing a gunite pool. Let’s get started.

What to consider when selecting a gunite swimming pool design

When you want to design a gunite pool for your outdoor space, one of the primary elements that you need to consider is what your goals are when you get the pool. Many people get a swimming pool for one of three reasons:

  • Curb appeal
  • Entertainment
  • Exercise

Features for the pool

Another essential factor to think of when choosing a gunite swimming pool design is what features you intend to integrate into your pool. You might want to include many different elements or features in the pool. The ones you select can affect the style, size, and shape of swimming pool you choose.

Gunite Swimming Pool

Here are some of the popular features people want in a gunite swimming pool:

  • Slide or Diving Board
  • Bench Seating
  • Tanning Ledge
  • Wading Pool

Your backyard also plays a direct role in your gunite pool’s shape, style and size the that can be installed in your space. Here are some ways that your backyard can affect the design and style of the pool you choose.

The space in your backyard

The amount of backyard space has a huge impact on the shape and size of swimming pool you can get. You might dream of owning an Olympic-sized lap swimming pool. But if you have a small backyard, it might not be a good choice.

Similarly, you might want a curved swimming pool, but your outdoor space might have only adequate space for a square pool. You should think about the amount of space in your backyard when choosing the design of the gunite swimming pool.

Consider the landscape you want around the pool

Finally, think about how you plan to landscape around the swimming pool when it is completed. If you picture a lush area with palm trees, shrubs, and green grass, you should leave ample space in your backyard after building the pool to make this a reality.

Gunite Swimming Pool

Choosing a large pool that occupies most of your backyard space can leave you with minimal space to build a patio, deck, or landscape around the pool. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today to learn more about gunite swimming pools and how you can get one installed in your backyard space.

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