When you are looking for a great exercise routine, you may find that dumbbell exercises are right for you. Some people find it difficult to lift dumbbells without some support. One of the ways to get support is to do dumbbell exercises in the water. In this article, we are going to talk about some dumbbell exercises you can do as well as other ways to keep your fitness at the highest level.

Dumbbell Exercises in the Pool

When you think about pool workouts, your mind may go to the elderly. This isn’t always the case and you may find yourself looking for pool workouts at a much younger age. Working out in the pool is going to allow you to enjoy the benefits of a good workout without the high impact of working out without the support of water.

When doing dumbbell exercises, you are going to find that most dumbbells for water workouts are made of foam circles with plastic handles. When you put the dumbbells in the water, you will notice you get a good amount of resistance as you are pushing down. This helps you get those toned arms you have been wanting.

Getting Your Cardio In

Being able to get a powerful cardio workout while having a low impact on your body and being easy on the joint is a perk of working out in the pool with dumbbell exercises. You can also walk or run in water at least chest deep to raise your heart rate. Swing your arms under the water while doing this to have a more intense workout. Holding the dumbbells in front of your stomach while walking or running is another great way to create resistance.

Dumbbell Exercises for Your Chest

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Put your dumbbells at chest level to work the chest muscles. Straighten your arms out from your shoulders and bring them to the center. Make sure to stand in water that is at least chest deep but if you want even better results, stand in water that is shoulder deep.  Want to do a modified chest press? Pull the dumbbells in toward your chest, bend your elbows and push them forward and straight out from your chest.

Dumbbell Exercises for Your Shoulders

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To work the shoulders stand in shoulder-deep water with a flotation belt. This will help you stand up straight if you are not comfortable in deep water. Your dumbbells should be held at your sides and then lift to shoulder level with straight arms. Hold your dumbbells down by your sides and then lift them to shoulder level while keeping your arms straight. Do this same thing with your arms out in front of you so you can lift to chest level and then lower down to your legs. Your back should be kept straight at all times.

Dumbbell Workouts for Arms

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Water dumbbells can help you work your biceps and triceps. To work your biceps go to the shoulder-deep water while keeping your back straight. Hold your elbows to the side of your chest while the dumbbells are beside each hip. Lift your dumbbells to your shoulders and bend your elbows and then release. Even the release part of the exercise works your arms. To work the triceps, put your arms behind you while they are bent. Then you want to straighten them.

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