Swimming pool exercises are the best way to make use of your swimming pool investment. You can not only enjoy a refreshing swim, but you can also achieve a comprehensive workout in the pool. In fact, the simple act of swimming in itself is a technical exercise. You can develop strong muscles and shed your weight by swimming and trying some light pool exercises. Here are the workouts that you must try out:

pool exercise

Pool Planks

If you don’t have a robust upper body, planks can be tedious on land, but it changes in the swimming pool. When you do pool planks, it will boost your endurance. All you need to do is stand on the pool floor and hold the pool noodle vertically in your hands. Now, press it lightly into the water. Lean forward to a level where your body has an even incline. Remain stable in this position for 1-2 minutes. This exercise strengthens your muscles without straining your joints.

Pool Kicks

Using a kick board in front of your body, you can try kick-drills in your swimming pool. It tightens the core muscles and gives you better propulsion. You can try flutter kicks, frog kicks, butterfly kicks, and dolphin kicks to strengthen your muscles with these swimming pool exercises.

Pool Sprints

To make your body harder, you may try sprint sets in the pool water. It is a low-distance and high-intensity pool exercise. You need to get as fast as you can within the small space by exerting your maximum potential. In return, this exercise burns extra calories at a faster pace. The level of intensity depends on the size of your pool. You should try to reach your 100% potential when performing pool sprints.

Pool Fly-Backs

Fly-backs not only work muscles in your upper body but also improve the posture. To do this exercise, get in a lunge position. Keep your right knee slightly bend while extending your left leg straight behind your body. Take your arms straight up to the chest height. Also, keep the palms touching while the fingers extend. Now, open your arms to the sides and bring them back to the starting position. For better impact, do at least four sets of this exercise. Switch your legs for each set.

Closed-Fist in the Pool

pool exercise

You can regain your lean form and train harder with these swimming pool exercises. In the closed-fist freestyle, you have to take away the pull that you typically get in an open fist. Do not propel forward using your fingers and hands. Rather, use the strength of your forearms to complete the exercise.

Pool Crunches

You can target your abs with varied ranges of motion in the pool water. You can swim on your back perpendicular to the pool walls to try this exercise. Now, keep your legs on the deck of the pool while your body remains flat in the water. Using the abdominal muscles, pull your body as much as you can out of the water. Do at least 20 reps and 3 sets of this exercise to strengthen your abs.

To enjoy these swimming pool exercises, you should get your pool ready before the swim season.

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