How Many Laps Can One Person Do?

For some people laps in the pool is fine, but for others doing lap after lap can seem monotonous. There are plenty of pool exercises in LA for you to substitute laps with. Whether your pool can fit two, ten or twenty people there are a multitude of ways to shed those excess pounds. The great thing about exercising in your swimming pool is the low impact, high resistance training that you get which is great for our beloved senior citizens. With the exercise options below, you can noodle your way to fitness in no(oodle) time.

Water Aerobics


Pool Noodle Exercises for Your Pool Exercises in LA!

Noodle Press Down

The noodle press down may require the help of water weights for a better workout, but this workout can effectively target shoulder areas. With your noodle in front of you, push it down until it reaches your legs.

Noodle Plank

While planks are a fantastic way to get those perfect abs sometimes getting into the position of a proper plank can prove difficult. With a noodle and water this exercise becomes much easier. When you’re in the swimming pool, hold the pool noodle in front of you, pushing down until you’re in a plank position. Be sure to hold your body in a straight line for about 30 seconds, or longer if you can manage, the longer the better!

Water Aerobics

Noodle Knee Tuck

Mastered the noodle plank? A noodle knee tuck may be perfect for your pool exercises in LA if the noodle plank has become too easy for you. You will start in your noodle plank position, body straight, engaging core, then tuck your knees up to your chest and kick out. Your body is receiving resistance on both sides of the workout so you’re achieving a great workout with the noodle knee tuck.

Noodle Crunch

Another way to engage your core is a noodle crunch. Use the pool noodle to support your arms while keeping your legs straight then pull your legs to your chest. Not being on a stable surface makes your ab muscles work harder because the muscles need to stabilize vertically and horizontally.

Noodle Flyback

This pool exercises in LA starts with you sitting on your pool noodle, either like a swing or sit like you’re riding a bike. While holding your arms straight out, sweep back and forth to move from one side of the swimming pool to the other. You get a great chest and back workout with this exercise if you only use your arms, but if needed using your legs in a bicycle kick can help.


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Staying healthy is important! Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can reap benefits both mentally and physically. Get or stay fit with these pool exercises in LA. The exercises listed above can be done in an expansive pool or a small plunge pool. At Premier Pools and Spas, our expert pool builders will gladly help you build the pool of your dreams while keeping your fitness needs in mind. Premier Pools and Spas encourages healthy lifestyles, call today to start designing the pool of your dreams and to start your journey to pool exercises in LA!

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