Amazing swimming pools can evoke a range of emotions and descriptors. People are constantly searching for the biggest, baddest, most elaborate and craziest pools out there online. However, we dare say that: “zen pool” is not one of the main searched pool descriptors. We think it should be! Zen pools don’t often get a lot of attention as the craziest pools, but today we are featuring the beauty and grace of this exotic temple-style zen pool. So sit back, take a deep breath and get relaxed.

Fashioned after an Indonesian temple, this pool features unique decor.

Fashioned after an Indonesian temple, this pool features unique decor. HGTV Cool Pools.

Swimming is great exercise but it can also be relaxing

We talk a lot about it and most people know that swimming helps you to improve heart rate and blood flow to maintain a healthy weight. However, the moist air makes it much easier to breathe. If you suffer from asthma, swimming can be a great alternative to crunches and treadmills. Studies have shown that if you swim regularly, you can improve asthma symptoms, even up to a year after swimmers have stopped their swimming routine! Even if you do not suffer from a breathing ailment, swimming can also work to increase your lung volume. Swimming forces your body to learn proper breathing techniques.

Find your zen

The rhythmic strokes and sound of water make swimming much more relaxing. It’s been shown that swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga!
Temple Pool

If you’d like to see some video of the zen pool then check it out here. HGTV’s show called: ‘Cool Pools’ featured it and we are in love!

If you are into indoor zen pool then check this one out.

Indoor zen pool

Fieldwork Design & Architecture transformed the pool room into a zen retreat by lining the room, floor to ceiling, in Western Red Cedar and slate tile. The sliding glass doors were replaced with 32-foot wide single sliding doors to create a seamless portal to the verdant outdoors. If that wasn’t enough: an unfinished utility area was converted into a wine cellar and changing room! Talk about relaxation.

Get your own zen pool or renovate your existing pool

Just because you already have a pool, doesn’t mean that you can’t renovate your pool or add any number of impressive new features. Turning your backyard into a zen oasis is something we would love to help with! Swimming pool restoration and renovation can include items such as installing custom lighting, waterfalls, spas, custom rock features, and so much more. Giving your pool a face lift can mean the difference between a bland outdoor play place and your own private resort.

If you’re considering renovating or remodeling your swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine a zen pool in your backyard! We are extremely proud of our celebrated Remodel Division, winner of the International Award of Excellence by the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) for Swimming Pool Remodel/Renovation.

Interested in getting your very own zen pool installed?