How to Extend Your Swimming Season

How to Extend Your Swimming Season 1Everyone loves the summer season, especially when you get to go swimming. Wouldn’t it be great if we could extend the swimming season? Having the option to go swimming all year long, we all have thought about swimming during the winter months but it’s just too cold. Premier Pools and Spas is going to let you in on a little secret and tell you the options for swimming all year around.

How to extend your swimming season, it’s simple really, just buy a pool heater. Even though that can be pretty pricey, it’s the most effective way to heat up your swimming pool for the winter season. This is the easiest option to choose, it’s quick and easy to set up too!

How to Extend Your Swimming Season 2How to Extend Your Swimming Season:

  1. Solar Cover

A solar cover is a bubble wrap like material, which stops the water from evaporating and traps the heat in the swimming pool. You lay the bubble side down towards the water so the heat doesn’t escape and you’re set! The solar cover is very inexpensive and does a great job at heating up swimming pools. The only hassle is setting up the cover and taking it down but, there’s a solution for everything! Looking into getting a pool cover wheel, so it’s easy to just wind up the solar cover when you’re done heating the swimming pool.

  1. Liquid Solar Cover

There is another solar cover option, but instead of having to take out a whole blanket and lay it over the top of the swimming pool, there are fish you can buy or pool balls and fill them up with solar liquid cover. Essentially what this does is the device you decide to put the liquid into slowly releases the liquid and covers the top of the pool. Not allowing the water to evaporate and trapping the heat in the pool. This liquid is completely harmless as well, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals.

  1. Solar Rings

Solar rings are basically just like the solar cover, it traps the heat in the pool and doesn’t let the water evaporate, the difference is they are smaller therefore, being less of a hassle to set up and take down. There are multiple rings you How to Extend Your Swimming Season 3have to set up and they all link together by magnets.

  1. Black Hose

The black hose technique is an inexpensive way to heat your pool, all you have to do is buy black hoses. The hoses heat up in the sun and all you have to do is syphon your swimming pools water through the hose or hoses and cycle it back into your swimming pool.   

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