Pool owners love spending their summertime unwinding by the pool. Extreme pools make the perfect addition to any property, particularly in North Georgia. However, how can you make your backyard oasis stand out from the rest the in your neighborhood? By working with Premier Pools & Spas pool builders in North Georgia, it’s possible to create an extreme pool you’ve always desired.

Extreme Pools

Here are some extreme pools ideas to use to really personalize your backyard oasis.

Custom tile work

You can use custom tile work to personalize your North Georgia pool. This can be as easy as working with your preferred colors or as elaborate as creating an original pattern. Think about using non-traditional colors that match your home’s exterior.

Live on the edge with extreme pools

Create a stunning view by considering vanishing and infinity edges. This will let your dream pool to both accentuate and blend seamlessly with the horizon or landscape. Create a subtle beach entry by updating the stair-step access. Do you want to soak up some sun rays? Consider adding a tanning ledge! Also, think about adding a viewpoint with a poolside spa and optional seating.

Customized shape

Why construct a swimming pool shaped like a rectangle when there are lots of other unique shapes to select from? Get creative with your pool’s shape. Bid farewell to average ovals, circles, and rectangles. Rather, consider working with the best Premier Pools, North Georgia pool builders that can create your backyard oasis in the shape of an octagon, guitar, or any other shape of your dreams.

Extreme Pools

Make your pool more than simply water

There are ways you can transform the way your pool looks! Have you thought about incorporating a waterfall? This feature will not only add an appealing aesthetic to the space but (based on the size) it will also provide you with another spot to unwind. You can also consider adding a water slide for kids to have fun. Lastly, if it is not a water slide or waterfall, probably a diving board could be the best choice.

Don’t hesitate to illuminate it

You can use fire features to offer drama by day and lighting by night. These features range from large bowls to single strips. Also, use fiber-optic or LED pool lighting to enhance your poolside! They come in that poolside an array of stimulating to calming to colors. A nicely designed lighting plan will include a blend of landscape, deck, path, and submerged lighting accents. It will also extend your time at the pool well into the night.

You can use fountains, waterfalls and desk jets to create calming sound effects of falling pool water. Make sure you think about these features in the design of your lighting for the best effect.

Extreme Pools

Extreme pools – Contact Premier Pools & Spas Builders!

Whether you are shopping for a new pool or want to make upgrades to your existing one, Premier Pools & Spas of North Georgia is here to help build the best backyard pool to suit your needs. Extreme pools are just the start and we’re more than glad to walk you through each stage to select the best products for you and your loved ones. Contact us today!

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