A new inground pool can be a thrilling undertaking. It will provide you with lots of benefits and will increase the worth of your Souderton property. Based on the kind of pool and features you are looking for, it can be an expensive process. It’s a complex process of building a pool, which involves building, electricity, and plumbing. A lot of factors impact the cost of inground pool! You can control most of these factors to establish how much money the pool will cost.

cost of inground pool

What will Affect the Cost of an Inground Pool?

1. The Pool Type

Usually, there are different types of pool choices available to you. You can try fiberglass that is simple to install and is very durable; you can go for vinyl that’s easy to customize and can adapt to various styles. If your budget is high, consider installing a concrete pool. Concrete is the most long-lasting pool structures and offer value for investment ultimately.

Our pool experts will be able to discuss with you the specifications and establish the best choice for you. All types of pools have their benefit and drawbacks, so you should consider the choices carefully before making a decision.

2. Pool-scaping

The pool’s base structure is not the only expense you should put up with. You should invest in poolscaping too. The pool will require water features, tiles, lights, edging, etc, to offer a comfortable surrounding and look great.

3. Changes in Elevation

Most outdoor spaces aren’t flat in elevation. Changes in elevation need the use of raised beams or retaining walls to manage them, both from a functionality viewpoint and structural viewpoint (good drainage). This often adds a lot of money in costs to even the standard pool, thus impacting the cost of inground pool.

cost of inground pool

4. Permits, Pumps, Electrical System, and Maintenance

An inground swimming pool is a permanent addition to your property and will need a permit to have installed. In addition, you might also have to get in touch with local utilities to make sure you stay clear of any lines running through your home. Electrical and plumbing should be run to your pool area and a pump set up. Lastly, the pool should be filled with water and well maintained to keep the pool water clean.

5. Other Yard Components

Usually, a pool is simply part of the yard project. Often, there are additional yard components that can add to the cost of inground pool. This includes landscaping, fire pit, shade structure, patio area, putting green, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Essential factors to consider when talking with your pool builder are budget, shape, and size. Once you establish the above factors you should talk about the pool’s construction, the kind of materials, and the warranties provided by the contractor. Nothing can be more frustrating than buying an inground swimming pool, which is less costly than other estimates you got only to discover the contractor economizing on the most essential areas of the build! Find a pool contractor that is honest with you and you feel at ease with.

cost of inground pool

Cost of Inground pool – Conclusion

If you are a homeowner in Souderton, PA, in search of a pool building professional, look no further than Premier Pools & Spas of Souderton. This team of warm and friendly experts can help you get the splashy pool you have been looking forward to. Get in touch with us and start living your dream today!

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