Before your dream of installing a gunite inground pool on your own Gulf Coast property becomes reality, think about all the factors that affect the gunite pool cost. In addition to pool installation, you should consider the maintenance cost as well. If you choose to start, design your gunite inground pool wisely. Choose a spot in your backyard with easy access and lots of natural light.

The cost of hiring builders, the pool’s shape and size, and any landscaping needed to get the job done all add to the overall gunite pool cost. Water slides, diving boards, and heaters cost extra as well. Let’s get started.

Gunite Pool Cost


The cost of fencing is a factor that impacts the overall gunite pool cost. It is essential to have a fence around your pool particularly when you have children in your home. This feature forms a barricade between the children and the swimming pool and can avert serious accidents.

Access to the yard

Gunite pool installation in your property is not a hard job for experts if they can get equipment onto the site without difficulty. While it won’t cost you a lot in scenarios where access to the swimming pool is restricted, but it will certainly add to the swimming pool costs a bit.

The task will get a bit tougher for the soil removal trucks and diggers if it’s not easy to access your yard. If machinery can get to the site easily, then the cost will be lower. On the other hand, if the work needs specialist machinery, it will add to the overall gunite pool cost.

Gunite Pool Cost

The finish

The finish you choose for your gunite inground pool adds to the overall project cost. You can also choose other finishes; however, remember that this will add to the gunite pool cost. This will depend on the aesthetics you want to offer your inground pool. No matter what finish you select it will impact the pool’s resale value and durability as well.

The pool’s size

The most important factor that can increase the overall price is its size. As the pool’s size increases, so does the price of the additional materials needed to construct the pool and the job onsite.

Ground conditions

While the ground conditions in most yards allow for an easy gunite installation process, there are some instances where additional work may be needed. If your outdoor space has rock beneath the surface, high water table or reactive or soft soils, it will need additional work. This means an increase in the overall installation cost of a gunite pool in your Gulf Coast backyard.

Gunite Pool Cost

Ready to build?

If you want accurate information of how much you will need to pay for a gunite pool, you should contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast and get a free quote, and begin the process of constructing your dream pool!

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