On the Ledge?

Having a tanning ledge for your family pool and spa Gulfport will give your pool one more use. No more cooking in the heat. Relax your body on a specially made ledge, designed to get that glow you’ve been dying to have while keeping your body submerged in the cool waters of your pool. Tanning ledges are an easy addition to a pool that serves multiple purposes.

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Which Ledge is the Best Ledge?

Having a tanning ledge gives plenty of added benefits to your pool, but which tanning ledge is best for your lifestyle and design? Do you have children or elderly to accommodate? Do you have pets that will, no doubt, be using the pool and therefore the tanning ledge? There are different types of tanning ledges to choose from. Opt for a smaller ledge that is easily added to the design of your family pool and spa Gulfport. This tanning ledge can be put anywhere along the edge of your pool, dipping into the pool is made easy, especially when the tanning ledge is in the deep end. Since you’re already in the water there is not a huge shock from heat to cool, so cooling off your body or getting a little exercise is easy!

Swimming Pool Builder

Another great option for a tanning ledge for your family pool and spa Gulfport is a larger tanning ledge. With this tanning ledge you can add lounge chairs for those who do not want to get wet but may want to dip their toes in. Or a tanning ledge can offer a unique sitting area. A larger ledge can act as a great shallow space for young children and pets to safely play.
Beach entries, a sloped entry way that takes the place of steps, have a multiple purposes, one being a tanning ledge. If your family pool and spa Gulfport is a tropical lagoon style pool, beach entries are very popular. They can be great for water nervous children, disabled persons, or the elderly. With the gradual immersion into the water, using a beach entry as a tanning ledge is a no brainer. Ask your expert pool builder if a beach entry would complement your pool design and lifestyle. Sometimes a pool design or limited backyard space will not accommodate a beach entry.

pool service companyDefinitely On the Ledge

Whether your tanning ledge will be used by you, your children, or your pets, you’ll find that it can be a beneficial addition to your pool design. We highly recommend this very much used platform. With different design options your pool builder will be able to fit a tanning ledge easily into your family pool and spa Gulfport design. Relaxing is made easy when you can simply sit in the water on a sunny day while soaking up the rays effortlessly. Adding a tanning ledge will give your children a safe space, both physically and mentally, to play in. Your pets will have a way to cool off while romping around the backyard without having to jump into the pool directly. To get started on your tanning ledge, contact Premier Pools and Spas today!

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