Whether you own a small backyard or a huge garden, there are many landscaping ideas like waterfalls to make it a heaven on the earth. With thoughtful landscaping, any simple space can transcend into a stunning oasis. All you need is a swimming pool and some amazing water features to enhance the beauty of your lawn. Here are some ideas to begin with:

waterfall feature

Install a Waterfall

Nothing spells beauty and serene charm like pool waterfalls. A waterfall cascading down the length of a wall cuts the sounds coming from outside and creates a soothing white noise in your backyard. You can choose a rock waterfall for a natural appeal or go for a series of waterfalls in your pool.

Install a Natural Pond

In recent times, natural ponds have become a focal point of backyard landscaping. All you need to do is excavate a hole in the ground, line it with a flexible or rigid liner, and fill it with water. Take help from professional landscaping contracts to put the pond in the right way.

Choose a Standalone Waterfall

Apart from pool waterfall features, you can also install a standalone waterfall in your backyard. There are options like a stone waterfall, fiberglass, and concrete waterfall. you can paint them and transform them into a natural-looking feature. Depending on the topography of your garden, adjust the height of the fall.

Go for a Rain Curtain

As an adult design feature, rain curtains are making quite a splash in backyard landscaping trends lately. To install this feature, the contractor will drill tiny holes in the upper portion of the area where the rain curtain will be made. A pump recycles the water to the top from where it falls like a curtain across from your pool or outdoor kitchen.

Add Some Scuppers

As a feature similar to scones, scuppers have more volume of water, and they are wider. Water cascades from an upper level into the pool creating a calming sound. You can add scuppers to your inground pool or install them as a standalone feature. Add LED lights to enhance the appeal of scuppers in your backyard.

Install Laminar Jets

Laminar jets are popular among homeowners looking to add a modern water feature to their backyard. You can adjust the streams of water flowing from the jets to make it as wide or as narrow as you prefer it. Also, add LED lighting to create the effect of liquid light for your nighttime pool adventures.

Use Traditional Sconces

Traditional water features like sconces are hard to miss in a backyard landscaping plan. They fall in the same design universe as scuppers, but sconces are older in existence. So, you can add a classic appeal by choosing lion heads or a cherubic figure as sconces installed in your pool.

sheer waterfall

Install Bubblers

The gurglers or bubblers are fascinating in their appeal. They create the effect of water bubbling from underground channels like in a natural spring. You can custom design them or install a pre-fabricated kit. Integrate them into your inground pool or install bubblers around the patio.

These are some amazing ideas to install water features like waterfalls in your backyard.