IMG_2273So, maybe you’re feeling a bit tired of your old pool. You love it but it’s just not the same. It’s lost its sparkle a bit. It’s run-down here and there. You don’t feel the same excitement – the same desire to splash around and get wet.

It may be time for a Houston pool makeover!

Bring back the magic in your backyard pool with a dab here and there – or, if needed, a full-on makeover.

Start with the basics: Maybe your pool just needs a visual do-over. A change in ambiance can be as fast as a trip to the nearest Chair King for new cushions and patio furniture.

A little update here and there can a long way when it comes to your Houston pool makeover. So, when you’re feeling bored around your poolside, head on out and shop.

Add pool features: Your pool’s facelift may require something bigger than cushions. Have you considered installing a fire pit or a sauna? The contrasting elements – fire and water – can spice things up for you.

It can cost as low as $150 for a Chiminea. A prefab fireplace can be as low as $1,500 while fireplace kits start at $2,000. You can have this up and ready within a week.

Update your pool’s finishes: Make your pool look more a part of your home with matching finishes. Consider colors and materials that integrate your pool’s look with your house’s exterior color and landscaping. For instance, match the materials used on your pool’s edge with the materials used on your retaining walls.

Cover up eyesores: Sometimes, it’s not really your old pool that’s bothersome. It could be that your pool builder didn’t go out of their way to advise you about the aesthetic benefits of camouflaging eyesores, such as pool pumps and other pool mechanics. Simple fencing or decorative bushes can make your poolside easier on the eyes. This takes at least a day to do – one week, at the most.

Minor fix-ups or a complete remodeling: Your Houston pool makeover may just involve a few touch-ups and fix-ups. The length of time for this depends on what you need done. At the most, redoing your pool finish plus other touch ups will take a week or two. A complete remodeling, on the other hand, will take a month.