Even if you’re not going to take the polar plunge this winter, you can always decorate your swimming pool for the holiday season! Why stop decorating at the front deck and inside on the fireplace? Take the festivities all the way to the back yard and decorate your swimming pool with holiday cheer! Here are some ideas for festive looks to surround your swimming pool with.

Hanging Green Wreaths

YFestive Looks for your Swimming Pool 3ou can decorate your swimming pool with evergreen wreaths by hanging them all around, or even making them float in your swimming pool. Which can be easily done by super gluing Styrofoam to the back of the wreath and tying a big red bow to the bottom of the wreath.

Floating Balloon Christmas Trees

By arranging a set of balloons in the form of a Christmas tree, you can give your swimming pool the most festive look of the holiday season! You can get a series of green, red, and white balloons and tie them together. There will be more at the base of your Christmas balloon tree and form a triangle shape using less and less balloons each time.

Pool Noodle Candy Canes

With regular pool noodles you probably have stored away for the winter, you can give them a festive look by turning them into candy canes! Using a hook and fishing wire, you are able to create a bend in the pool noodle; additionally, you can buy white waterproof ribbon and wrap it around your “candy cane”, making it look more realistic. These Festive Looks for your Swimming Pool 4festive decorations can float around your swimming pool, or can be hung up around your backyard.

Floating LED Lights

These floating bubble lights can be used year-round, but for the festive look during the colder season you can set them to be a certain color; for instance, you can set them to be red and green, or blue and white. These are some festive colors associated with the holiday season. Floating bubble lights can be extremely useful when throwing a holiday themed pool party, especially when you want to illuminate the swimming pool up.

There are a few simple ways to give your backyard/ swimming pool a festive look for this holiday season. Don’t forget to remove anything that is floating around in your swimming pool for extended periods of time. This can cause your swimming pool filters can get clogged up, and easily mess with the pH balance of your pools water.

Get an Inground Swimming Pool This Holiday Season!

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