Fiberglass Costs

fiberglass-poolThe prices will always change with what size your pool will be and how many additional features you use. With the standard fiberglass pool you may pay around $50,000, which is close in price to a gunite pool but much more than a vinyl pool.

The actual price of the shell is less, because the fiberglass shell is shipped from the manufacturer, Fiberglass shells are typically easier to install than the way they install other pools. If you were considering self installation rather than hiring a contractor, the fiberglass shell is an easier installation.

Fiberglass pools last for a considerably long time. A gunite pool will last a while but there is a guaranteed fixation down the line. Fiberglass do last a long time, though they need more maintenance and treatment done to the water. Fiberglass pools are non-porous meaning they tend to hold algae more often.

So you get a Fiberglass pool with standard features for a reasonable price and it lasts longer than most pools without running into too many fixation problems, Unless, of course, you’re wanting to renovate your pool for a new look.

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