fiberglass pool and spa If you are eager to own a pool and get it ready for the upcoming swim season, nothing beats the convenience of a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass shells are one-piece wonders that get made in a factory. So, they are ready for quick installation.

By planning properly, it is possible to create dramatic fiberglass pool shell shapes. And when you find the right pool builder, you will indeed get a durable yet stunning backyard oasis.

Modern Fiberglass Pool Shell Shapes to Suit Your Style

You can flaunt your unique style through your custom-made fiberglass pool. Whether you wish to add in pool bench seating or a raised spillover spa, fiberglass offers plenty of design flexibility.

Here are the various fiberglass shell shapes to consider for your backyard:

Romanesque Fiberglass Pools

Roman pools feature prominently arched half-circles on either side. They take design cues from ancient civilizations, where elegant, classy structures were the norm.

Regardless of your home architecture – rustic, historical, gothic, ranch, or modern – Roman pools add timeless grace. If effortless chic and minimalism is your style, a Romanesque fiberglass pool can fit the bill. Add some fire bowls and a fountain on your pool deck to complete the look.

Another variation of the Roman pool is an oval shell shape, which eliminates sharp lines on all sides.

Freeform Fiberglass Pools

One of the main benefits of a fiberglass pool is building one in a small space. When you want to make it the focal point of your backyard, go for a wavy shape. Fill the surrounding area with beautiful pool landscaping.

Freeform fiberglass shell shapes can maximize the available space while elevating the best features of your environment. With curvy and more relaxed wavy designs, freeform shapes look cozy and informal, making them ideal for natural-looking pools or swimming ponds.

Kidney Fiberglass Pools

Another asymmetrical shape that works well with fiberglass is the kidney pool. You can achieve a sleek and contemporary feel in the absence of sharp lines.

When you want a chilling, relaxing vibe in your outdoor living space, a kidney shape is one of the best fiberglass pool shell shapes to choose from. And you can easily create a tranquil Zen-like garden with a cascading waterfall.

fiberglass pool shell shapes -rectangle

Rectangular Fiberglass Pools

A rectangular shape is a classic option for pool lovers. With some embellishments and pool accessories, you can turn a simple linear pool into a stunning oasis.

For instance, get a curvy bench seat for one corner and add a tanning ledge on the adjacent. You can build a spa and multiple entry points like a beach entry and a wading pool.

Or, extend the pool to fit the shape of your backyard with an L-shaped pool. What attracts homeowners to this shape is the straightforward design and optimal use of space.

Customize a vanishing edge to create the illusion of overlooking the horizon. The design options are virtually endless!

Find the Best Fiberglass Pool Shell Shapes for Your Backyard

With all of the options available, you will find the perfect fiberglass shell shape to suit your needs. For more ideas and to get your project started, contact the custom pool specialists near you. Named as the country’s top pool company, Premier Pools & Spas can help with your dream project.

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