When it comes to selection between gunite and fiberglass pools in Louisville, comparing the two is the best way to go. Both these materials are quite different from each other. Hence, it’s difficult to claim which one is better. In fact, it depends on your personal preferences, maintenance requirements, upfront costs, and several other aspects. Here is the detailed comparison between fiberglass and gunite pools:

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Costs of Installation and Ownership

When deciding to build a pool, the cost is a major consideration. While fiberglass pools need $45,000-85,000 for installation, the final costing depends on many other factors. To calculate the total cost of construction, take into account the pool size and upgrades as well.  Also, there are ongoing maintenance expenses that may go up to $4000 per 10 years in case of fiberglass pools. Gunite pools have about the same upfront cost. Their price range is anywhere from $25,000-$100,000. In fact, the cost of maintenance and ownership is also high in the case of a gunite pool.

Customization of the Pool

In terms of customization, fiberglass pools offer limited options. They are pre-designed molds. Hence, it is hard to tailor them as per your exact requirements. On this count, gunite pools are a preferable choice. You can create a variety of shapes and sizes to make your pool as dramatic as you want. It gives you the freedom to mold your pool design as per the architecture of your home and available spaces. If you want to create your personal backyard retreat, gunite pools are a better option.

Time of Installation

The lesser installation time is perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing fiberglass pools in Louisville. Once you choose the size and shape, it takes not more than 2 months to build the pool. From the selection of design to patio and decking, it doesn’t take a long time. A gunite pool, on the other hand, takes 3-6 months for completion. It is a longer construction process because it doesn’t have a shell to place into the excavated hole in the ground like a fiberglass pool does.

The Durability of the Pool

A swimming pool is a big investment. Hence, it is important to choose a product that sustains time and changing the weather. Due to the gel coat finish and strong structure, fiberglass pools are highly resilient. For low maintenance of this pool, you may use salt chlorine generators because salt does not have harmful effects on fiberglass material. Even in case of concrete or gunite pools, strength isn’t a major concern. The material is incredibly durable and so are the interior finishes like plaster. However, salt chlorine generators can affect the life expectancy of plaster-based interior finish in gunite pools.

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost

Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Since the fiberglass pools in Louisville have a protective coating that does not affect pH level, you needn’t use too much of acid to balance the water. Every week, you just need to test the water chemistry to maintain healthy levels of pH and chlorine. However, gunite has alkalinity that increases pH levels of the water. To balance it, you must add muriatic acid every day to your pool. Also, a gunite pool needs weekly brushing to remove surface algae.

Consider all these factors to determine the best type of pool for your family.

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