You began this journey hoping that you could be swimming in your own New Orleans backyard pool. You’ve done your homework on the different kinds of pools. You have come to the conclusion that inflatable pools are not reliable and too cheap, above grounds are very small, and fiberglass swimming pools are the best option. You know you have got adequate space for an inground swimming pool and you have chosen to have it constructed with fiberglass instead of vinyl or concrete. Now comes the most significant part of the entire process: fiberglass swimming pools prices.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Prices

Fiberglass swimming pools provide the best quality swimming pool structures. It’s possible to fit this pool into almost any sized outdoor space. You can have it formed to fit almost any shape as well. Flexibility and variety might seem like advantages; however, it can be a real issue when you are looking to estimate fiberglass swimming pools prices.

Let us look into a few of the factors contributing to fiberglass swimming pools prices.


Similar to purchasing a property, everything comes down to location. For instance, if you want to install on a sloping area, then constructing retaining walls is important, thus increasing the fiberglass swimming pool prices. Is the area accessible? Keep in mind that materials and permits vary from one location to another too.


Are you going to pick a bigger pool with fewer extras or a smaller one with lots of extras? Those add-ons, but nonessential parts of a swimming pool, such as a pool heater, spa jets, stamped concrete, and underwater lighting all contribute to fiberglass swimming pools prices. When preparing your budget for installing a fiberglass pool, consider the useful essentials first, such as filters, pool covers, pool pumps, and chemicals, before you customize the elements of your dreams.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Prices


These pools need less maintenance than other pool types. Contrary to concrete pools, fiberglass doesn’t use as many chemicals, so this pool type will save you a lot annually. Fiberglass is a better deal when you consider the cost of regularly remodeling concrete pools. Or, consider fiberglass coatings for a pool’s resurfacing. This is a one-time purchase that will greatly extend a pool’s life, needing less pool maintenance and fewer chemicals, not forgetting that it pays for itself ultimately.

Size is important

The size affects fiberglass swimming pools prices. Although fiberglass swimming pool shells are made in specific sizes and shapes from a manufacturer, the bigger the swimming pool shell, the more the price tag.


Fiberglass swimming pools prices vary based on the size you select. If you choose a medium-sized one with installation, it can cost you approximately $50,000, but once more, this will depend on your location. Also, it can cost you $10,000 to $30,000 for a self-install fiberglass pool.

A self-install one can be simpler to work with in comparison with other pool types. The reason being, the manufacturer ships them intact. However, it’s a move only advisable for people have expertise in the process.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Prices

Fiberglass swimming pools prices – Conclusion

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