Need to Warm Up After Swimming?

Summer is indeed coming! You have your pool to keep you cool during those hot days, but what will warm you up after a long day of swimming and relaxing in the pool? Pools Gulfport MS often are paired with a fire pit, sometimes two! If you’re trying to achieve a high end or upscale look, fire pits are the way to go. See what possibilities that can upgrade pools Gulfport MS. Learn your aquatically fiery options that are available with Premier Pools and Spas!

Fiery Features for Your Pool Gulfport MS 1

Make a Fiery Statement

Fiery Waterfall
Is a waterfall really complete without dual fire pits on either side? Have one of the coolest, but warmest, pools Gulfport MS when you pair a pair of small fire pits alongside a beautiful waterfall. This feature will catch all your guests’ eye and make them feel like they are on vacation-not in your backyard! The waterfall feature will give added ambiance to your fire pits with the sound of trickling water.

Fire Pit
A fire pit is an easy, YES!, when it comes to any backyard setting. Everyone loves kicking up their feet and relaxing near a fire pit. This fiery feature is a great fire element for socialization. Extra seating can go around the fire pit, welcoming friends and family to converse and relax. Take one of the most fun aspects of camping and put it next to your pool!

Fiery Features for Your Pool Gulfport MS 2

A fireplace could be a great extension to an outdoor kitchen. Add additional seating around your fireplace so the whole family can cozy up together. Enjoy the sound of crackling firewood, or if that’s not your style the clean burning look of propane can always be substituted. Not only beautiful, but functional, an outdoor fireplace adds that upscale aesthetic you’ve been dying for.

Fiery Features for Your Pool Gulfport MS 3

On Fire Yet?

Adding a fire element to your pool and backyard design will take your dream backyard to the next level. Building a fire pit right into your design can make it look like an effortless addition. If you’re using a fire pit as an accent, maybe using a different material for the outside of the fire pit construction will really make the fire pit pop! Use wood burning pits to enhance your atmosphere with a crackle sound or the smell of a campfire. If a natural wood burn is not your style, a propane line can be hooked up giving you a silent, clean burn. With a propane burning fireplace or fire pit, you can add beautiful fire glass to accent your desired pool colors. Do not limit your imagination to only one fire pit. Multiple fire pits are possible to put into your plan! Either next to the pool or next to the waterfall, double or quadruple fire pits will give any inground pool Gulfport MS a high end look. Premier Pools and Spas will give you the fiery power to make your pool setting powerful! Please contact Premier Pools and Spas for your FREE ESTIMATE on your inground pool Gulfport MS.