Want a backyard fire pit for your Georgia pool?

Creating a cozy atmosphere is easy with an addition of a fire pit to your backyard or pool area. Even though you’re in the South, Georgia can experience some chilly nights where there is nothing better than sitting by the fire. Family and friends will love this addition!
You have many choices when integrating a fire pit to your deck. Whether it is a decision you are making while building your pool or an afterthought addition, fire pits add a special flare to your oasis. Easily fit into your backyard design, a fire pit can match the design of your pool with looks ranging from modern to sleek.

Fire Pit for Your Georgia Pool 1

Fire pit options!

1. Have your fire pit match your pool with random cut side risers that match the look of your pool.
2. Twin fire pits are guaranteed to add a dramatic addition to your aesthetic.
3. A natural gas line added to your fire pit will give a cleaner and lower maintenance burn.
4. Freestanding fire pits can add a unique look to your outdoor kitchen or living space.

Fire Pit for Your Georgia Pool 2
5. Whether round and rustic or square and sleek, options like lava rock or fire glass will give your fire pit an upgraded look.
6. Multiple fire pits will add visual elegance, such as a fire pit at every corner of the pool.
7. Adding a sitting wall could be another way to incorporate the stones used in and around the pool itself and the fire pit. The sitting wall will be a great feature for cozying up after a full day of swimming.
8. A large diameter fire pit will ensure everybody feels the warmth of the fire.
9. The sure fire way to wow your friends and family with a fire pit addition is to have the fire pit INSIDE your pool! This usually is accompanied by a seating area 360 degrees around the pit.

So Many Choices!

With a multitude of price points adding on a fire pit to your Georgia pool design may not be as costly as one may initial think. Fire pits can draw from the look of your pool, making it a seamless addition to your backyard oasis. Or, on the contrary, it can be an accent that makes the whole area pop! Choose a freestanding pit or have it secured into the patio. A variety of shapes will help you mesh the pit into your design with ease. Additional seating is easily added with a sitting wall by your fire pit. Whatever your decision, whether one large or small pit, multiple pits, or a fire pit and seating INSIDE your pool, your pool builder can make it happen.

Fire Pit for Your Georgia Pool 3

Ready to build your backyard oasis, fire pit included? Contact Premier Pools and Spas North Georgia for all your Georgia pool building needs.

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