My 9 year old daughter inspires me. Have you ever worn something attached to your body 24/7? What was it for? Was it a medical related device? Was is a Fitbit or a Pedometer because you are trying to improve your health?  Regardless of what type of device you currently wear or have worn in the past you most likely had days where you didn’t feel like wearing it. My daughter wears an insulin pump that keeps her alive. She doesn’t choose to be connected to a device 24/7 – she has to be connected – and yet she has been connected since she was 10 months old. She detaches only to take a shower and sometimes she forgets to reconnect.

We all forget to “reconnect” at times. Fortunately for most of us that simply means we won’t win the contest that day or we might not have an accurate count of our steps for the day. Sometimes it’s annoying to have a device attached to your body, around your neck, clipped to your pants or worn on your belt. I challenge you this month to wear your pedometer from the minute you start your day until the moment you lay your head back down on the pillow at night.

Pretend it is more than just a “step counter.” If it is bothering you try wearing it in a new location but don’t take it off. It’s much smaller than an insulin pump and it doesn’t have catheter tubing inserted under your skin. I challenge you to wear that device as if it is a life saving device.  Who knows, maybe some day it will save your life from a heart attack or one of the many poor health related diseases.

February 2nd, Keith at Premier Pools & Spas is kicking off a 30 day Fitness Challenge. He wants to see employees, friends and family make healthy lifestyle choices that improve their overall quality of life. Everyone who signed up to be a part of the challenge received water bottles and pedometers last Monday. Feel free to share with us how you are doing with your fitness goals. What do you find the most challenging? Diet? Exercise? Drinking only water? Counting calories? Good luck!

Download February Fitness Challenge

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