Floating pool lights are a perfect option when considering ways to light up your pool in SW Louisiana. They come in lots of styles and colors! You’ll definitely find some to suit your budget and taste. This type of lighting isn’t only an amazing way to keep the space illuminated, but also create the ultimate pool party ambiance. You should determine if you want the lights that are in direct line to the sky, or light up your pool’s bottom.

floating pool lights

Most pool owners forget to install pool lighting when they have their pool constructed, or they think the lights are too costly or complex. But the lights can take care of this issue. You can easily place the lights once the pool is in place and you require no technical expertise at all. There are two main kinds of floating pool lights to select from, which are rechargeable solar energy lights and battery lights.

Floating Solar Pool Lights

These types of lights soak up energy from the sun the entire day. This energy will provide them with the power to illuminate at night. This will save the trouble and money of changing batteries. These kinds of floating pool lights can even turn themselves on at sunset. This makes them a maintenance-free addition to your backyard pool in SW Louisiana.

One small disadvantage of solar pool lights is that they are not compatible with a solar cover. You can save lots of money in heating costs by using an inground pool cover throughout the pool swim season an inground. But using the cover will also obstruct these floating lights from the sun. It is important that you remove the floating pool lights from the pool water after swimming. This will allow them to recharge on the pool deck; however, this is not quite as convenient as allowing them to float always.

floating pool lights

Use Floating Pool Lights to Add Color to your Pool

Whether they are for daily use or for a pool party, these lights will make nighttime swimming colorful and bright. LED pool lights are available in a range of colors, letting you mix and match for the perfect effect.

There are solar and battery powered pool lights. Floating solar pool lights are a great option for daily use because of their convenience and energy benefits. Alternatively, battery-powered lights will often generate more amazing light displays and are the best option for infrequent or occasional usage like when you’re entertaining guests.

Other Floating Pool Decorations

Having fancy additions such as waterfalls, landscaping, lighting, etc will increase your inground pool’s cost significantly. Even if the add-ons are in your budget, you can add something with floating pool decorations. Apart from their being affordable, the good thing about these lights is you can remove them at any time. This will provide you with the versatility to mix depending on your preference.

floating pool lights

Floating Pool Lights – Conclusion

There are lots of pool lighting choices you can use for both above ground pools and inground pools. Frequently powered by batteries, solar power or even candles, floating pool lights are a low-cost, common, way to significantly transform the ambiance of your pool water easily and fast. From elegant lotus flowers to round discs to lanterns and jellyfish, there are an array of designs in a spectrum of shades to choose from. If you want to construct the pool of your dreams, contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana today for a free quote!

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