Pool safety at your Foley home doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping everyone you love in a safe and fun environment is possible when you are properly prepared. In this article, we are going to go over important pool safety rules that will keep you having fun in the pool for many years to come.
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Pool Safety and What to Remember

Pools are a lot of fun and even more fun when proper pool safety rules are put into play. Here are some things you should remember before, during and after swim time.

Put Up Appropriate Barriers

Now that you have your beautiful pool, it is time to make sure no one ventures into the pool that is supposed to stay out. Children and pets are often curious about the water and having appropriate barriers to keep them out when it’s not swimming time is a must.

An appropriate barrier means a 4-feet high fence or other barriers that have a self-closing and self-latching gate. You should place a safety cover on your pool when it is not in use. If you expect you may have any unwanted entry to your pool, you can get a pool alarm that goes off if anyone tries to get into the pool.

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Watch the Kids

Even if your kids have been swimming for a long time, it is important to keep them supervised at all times. To properly prepare them for the water you can enroll them in age-appropriate swim classes. Having children that know how to swim is important and having your own pool to practice will ensure they are strong swimmers.

Talk to your kids about the buddy system, no diving in the pool and other safety rules you’ve put in place for your pool so they understand the importance of adhering to your guidance. Having an adult at arm’s length reach of any weak or non-swimmers is important and will ensure all of your children are kept safe when swimming.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your pool clean and clear is going to allow for a great swimming experience but it is good for pool safety as well. When your pool is kept clean, you will be able to easily see where your kids are at all times, even when they are swimming underwater. Keeping your pool clean also allows you to have fewer earaches, rashes or infections. Always make sure that you have proper chemical levels in your pool for the best pool safety results.

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Your Backyard Playground

When you put the proper pool safety rules in place, you can swim happily knowing that your loved ones are well taken care of. When it is hot, it is a great time to take a dip in your backyard playground. There are plenty of features to add to your pool to make sure it is even more fun so make sure to consult with your pool professional about any options you are considering.

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