The Fourth of July is a great time for family and friends to gather and enjoy a special event, like a patriotic themed pool party in Austin! Have a barbecue and decorate in blue, white, and red. Due to the lovely weather, this is usually done outdoors. If you have a backyard pool you might want to throw a pool party for your loved ones to enjoy the wonderful weather. Whether you would like to have fun, play games or unwind by the pool, the Fourth of July pool party is a good way to gather and meet with family and friends.

Fourth of July pool party

Here are some ideas you can consider for your Fourth of July pool party.

Think about your guest list:

The initial step when you want to plan any party is to think about your guest list. Consider the number of people you want to invite to the Fourth of July pool party. Think about factors like your budget, your pool’s size, how much room you have on the pool deck, and available seating. Also, consider the dynamic you’re seeking, whether you want only family or friends; kids or only adults.

Shade and fans:

You shouldn’t disregard your guests that may not be unable to enter the pool, but will be relaxing close to it. They will require ways to beat the heat in Austin. You can get a few plain white paper fans and the color blue, white, and red, in the folded parts.

As the guests open them up, they will be happy with their American flag’s colors. Not only will the fans be festive and fun, but they will also offer some all-important relief from the flies and heat. Ensure you offer some shade for your guests to sit in. In case you have an awning, a pergola, or large trees in your outdoor space, you should decorate them as well.

Fourth of July pool party

Install a bar:

Hosting Fourth of July pool party? Set up an outdoor bar so guests will not need to jump out of the pool or leave their conversation for a long time. Provide a range of drink choices from unsweetened iced tea to melon mojitos. Purchase on lots of bottled water to prevent dehydrated guests.

Offer party favors out early:

You can fill a huge basket with colorful noodles, beach towels, and different pool toys for the guests. They will have a towel to bring home as a souvenir, and a float to use in the swimming pool. You can have extra goggles and water rings for the children. Make sure that you get an adult volunteer to always monitor the pool for the kid’s safety.

Dive In!

Your backyard oasis looks great, the food items are ready, and the guests have arrived; there’s just one task left to do, dive in the pool and have a memorable time!

Fourth of July pool party

Fourth of July Pool Party – Conclusion

These are simply a few fun ideas to start an amazing Fourth of July pool party! Hopefully, this has motivated you to consider installing a pool or to become creative and create some good ideas of your own this 4th of July! Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Austin professionals if you need any help!

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