Frank Sevillano Shared Their Premier Pools Story 1

Customer Name: Frank Sevillano
Location: Diamond Bar, California
Date: 06/01/2018

Pool Designer: Johnny Brancato

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
We enjoy having family gatherings each weekend and now that we have a pool and spa, it has increased the enjoyment tenfold! Our back yard used to be a mess. Now we proudly display our backyard to guests and come out in mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee sitting by the waterfall. Nothing beats the sound of running water beautifully displayed in a pool. We constantly BBQ by the pool, enjoy an evening in the spa while sipping our favorite beverages! I'm still impressed by the Premier team and how they made this happen. Total professionals! Why we waited this long, I'll never know.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
We called 10 pool contractors and only 5 responded. Not a good start. Regardless the dream was still alive and we scheduled appointments and met with each one. After the interviews were over, we were down to two contractors that remained in contention. More research ensued including Yelp review, online searches, past projects and so on. Both contractors came up with basic designs and estimated costs before we made our decision. Premier cost was slightly higher cost but my wife and I both felt comfortable with Johnny Brancato and the Premier Team. Johnny was able to answer every question that we peppered his way, picked up each call and responded to each text message. We were able to ask questions about the options and upgrades along the way. He even came in on his day off one weekend to help us with some of our decision making.

Impressively the pool took 12 weeks and 1 day to complete! Just as they stated it would be. As in all construction projects, there are expected hiccups but the Premier team stepped in each time to solve any issue and keep things moving along. They stood by their workmanship and everything is working as expected. We are so happy we chose Premier to make our dream come true!

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