Winter Is Coming: Freeze Protection Keeps Your Pool Functioning Through the Winter.

It has been a cold winter in Dallas, one of the coldest we have ever experienced! According to the Dallas News we hit 51 freezes and Dallas hasn’t seen numbers like that since 1911 to 1912.

freeze protection keeps your pool safe from ice

With all that ice, pool owners might be worried about their pools. Freezing in a pool can lead to pipes bursting and blown out sensors but don’t you worry! Premier Pools & Spas of Dallas has got you covered.

All PPAS pools installed by our pool builders and contractors come with a three year No-Fault Warranty on pool equipment. All of our inground pools are also built with freeze protection.

Freeze protection is a safety featured installed in your pool. It uses a temperature sensor to detect when the water is within thirty degrees of freezing. When the sensors spot the danger of the water freezing the circulation pump is activated. As long as water is being circulated through the pool it won’t freeze and your pool remains in working order.

There is also a pool redundancy built it. In case your freeze protection does fail, a backup freeze protection is built in. That is because we at Premier Pools and Spas of Dallas want to help you protect your investment in a fabulous pool. It is now March which means we are starting to warm up for the summer. By next month you should happily swimming the day away.

If you do have any questions about freeze protection than fill out the contact form on our website.