When you are thinking about pool care for your Fresno home, you may be wondering what you can do to keep bees away. It is very annoying when you are trying to enjoy your pool, but you keep having a bee land on you. It isn’t uncommon to get stung if there are too many bees around and a sting can put a damper on your good times in the pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool care as well as how to keep the bees away.

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Pool Care Tips for the Summer

We all understand that bees are valuable and they have their place, but we would rather their place not be in or around our swimming pools. When we are working on our pool care, there are ways too keep them away from the swimming pool. They fly around the swimming pool because they think it is a source of water for them. Our goal is to deter them from the swimming pool, not destroy their environment.

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No More Bees Please

One way to keep bees away from the swimming pool is when they think that wasps have already moved in on your yard, they will not come around. Since wasps are territorial, bees will often avoid your yard because of this. Simply get a fake wasps nest and let it work its magic.

Those of you that cannot get rid of the bees, you may need to call in a professional. It is better to call and expert and pay the price rather than dealing with the annoyance of bees all summer.

The bees need water and I am sure they are grateful that you’ve set up your pool where they can get to it easily. If you want to move the bees away from the pool, give them another water source so this isn’t their main option.

Flowers will lure bees and wasps away so put them at the far edges of your yard but not around the pool.

Hang dryer sheets and occasionally replace them as you do your pool care. Bees are not fond of these smells.

Don’t bring sugary drinks to the pool. Bees are drawn to the sugary liquid, and if you spill drinks near the pool, the bees are going to make a beeline to those places.

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Your Backyard Oasis

As you are creating your backyard oasis and preforming your pool care, you may have to deal with some pests, but use the above tips to decrease the annoyance of buzzing bees. If you need any help with pool installation or pool upgrades, make sure to give us a call.

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