While many people think of swimming pool lights as bright, yellow lights solely for the purpose of lighting the water at night, many do not realize there are cool, disco-type swimming pool lights that give off a fantastic pool party vibe. Some lights float on top of the water while others sink to the bottom; however, both styles often include changing, dancing colored lights. It’s a great way to spice up a pool parties and also fun for families with kids. Floating lights are a simple, yet stunning, way to add character to your fountain, pond, pool or other water features.

floating lights

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When selecting the best pool lights to transform your oasis into an evening venue, it is essential to keep in mind the overall ambiance you are striving for.

Examples of floating lights that are perfect for both families with kids and late-night pool parties:


Disco ball

Who doesn’t love a disco? Anyone can give their pool a glittery and colorful vibe with an underwater light-show. You family and friends will love spending time around the colorful water, enjoying music and boogieing the night away.

floating lights

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Kids and adults will love floating, bright colored jellyfish at your next backyard pool party. These fish float halfway below the water and half above,and emit a beautiful, colorful glow. These are a fun way to bring a little part of the ocean to your back yard lagoon while providing some serene mood lighting.

Lotus Flowers

These elegant floating lights can give your swimming pool a romantic, tranquil feeling as they float about. Lotus flowers provide a colorful pop without the noise of croaking frogs.

Solar floating lights

These lights are a great for everyday use. Solar floating lights can stay in the swimming pool and automatically switch on when the sun sets. They often come complete with bright LED lights that will light up even the largest, deepest swimming pools. If you and your loved ones enjoy splashing at night, and conserving energy, these are a perfect option to add some light to your water in the evening.

floating lights

Image source: pinterest.com

There are many pool illumination options that can be used for both in-ground and above ground pools. Often powered by solar power, batteries or even candles, floating pool lighting is a popular, affordable way to drastically change the atmosphere of your water quickly and easily.  From stylish lanterns to round discs to jellyfish and lotus flowers, there are a wide variety of styles in a spectrum of colors to pick from.  You can use any of these water friendly lights to transform your swimming pool into a night time marvel.


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Fun floating lights in your backyard swimming pool

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