A fun way to surprise your family and friends this summer is to get awesome pool gifts that everyone will love! A fun summer is bound to be in motion with these pool gifts in your backyard. Keep reading to figure out the best gifts to get your family for Christmas or their birthdays.

Fourth of July pool party

Pool Floaties

Who doesn’t love a pool floatie? This are the most common gifts that people get during the summer season. They are the perfect devices to use when you want to relax in the swimming pool. Another fun activity to use pool floaties with is for the younger generation. Kids love to bounce, jump, and ride pool floaties until they’re worn out. Pool floaties are definitely a all time favorite for the swimming pool.

Sea-Saw Rocker

Have you ever heard of this clever pool game? Instead of the kids riding the pool floaties, they can use the sea-saw instead! Everyone at your next pool party will be wanting to take a turn on this unique pool gift.

Water proof Bluetooth speaker

This pool gift is a great idea for anyone you know! Having music playing at a pool party is a must, but it is hard to find a speaker that is waterproof. This pool gift is the perfect match for summer fun. Everyone loves music and to be outdoors next to a pool.

movie night pool party

Light up the Night

This gift it the perfect transition from fun in the sun to party at night. There are light up globes that you can put in your swimming pool and it will light up the surrounding areas. Underwater and there is even an option for a light show. So get that music boppin and the lights poppin.

Towel Tree

This last pool gift is perfect if you don’t know what to get your mom or dad for their birthday. A towel tree is simply a creative way to keep towels organized and a perfect way to try them out. Mom and dad will love the idea of an organized towel area for the backyard, especially when there is a party going on and everyone is throwing there towels everywhere.

pool in your backyard

Don’t have a Swimming Pool?

Premier Pools and Spas can create the backyard of your dreams. That way you can buy all the pool gifts that you want! Contact us today and receive a free estimate. Build a swimming pool with us and then think about all the pool gifts that you’ll be able to use!

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