Inground pool slides are quintessential for outdoor fun. When combined with other interesting pool features, they create the best memories. You don’t need to make a trip to a water park when you have a high-quality slide and a good diving board right in your backyard. Here are the ways to choose the best water slides for your NOLA homes:

Water Slides

The Space Requirements

Before spending money on a pool slide, you should check if you have proper space for this feature. You need to determine the size of your pool deck to see if the slide will fit into it. A longer slide needs a longer designated space as well. Also, there are structural and safety aspects to consider.

Mostly, slides work best on the concrete decks. It offers stability to the slide. When considering the space requirements, check the type of slide that you want. The slides have three main shapes– curved, straight, and corkscrew. Above all, check the height of a slide because you need more space if you go for a longer ride.

The Pool Depth

Checking the pool depth is essential to ensure the safety of your pool slide. As a rule of thumb, you need deeper pools for taller slides. Also, the experts recommend the installation of inground pool slides at the deeper end of your pool. You need at least 3-feet of water level under the opening of the slide. When selecting the slide, ask your pool builder for the best suggestions regarding the pool depth.

pool slides

The Slide Materials

When it comes to selecting the materials of pool slides, there are many options available. Depending on your budget and pool area, you should select the right material. Polyethylene is the most popular material used for pool slides. It is durable and resistant to pool chemicals.

Most importantly, polyethylene retains its color and shape despite constant exposure to the sun. If you want a sturdy option, go for fiberglass or fiberglass laminate slides. It is a material reinforced with glass fibers for additional strength. Fiberglass is not only durable but it also needs lesser maintenance than other slide materials.

Slide Placement

The slides usually look great on the opposite side of your home. The ideal location for inground pool slides is the far end of your pool. The best placement is at the end where you have proper water depth and deck space for installation. Also, check for the access to water that comes from house supply or the filter system. Depending on these factors, install the slide at the right location.

Installation of the Slide

Proper installation is essential for the safety of the people using the pool slide. It entails bolting the leg anchors to the pool deck and installation of ladders. Firstly, you need to assemble the slide and then move it to the right position. After positioning, mark and drill the holes for bolting the anchors. It is a specialized job for which you should rely on the expert pool builders.

These are some easy and effective tips to follow for installation of inground pool slides in your backyard.

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