Summer is the time to head out to your pool and take a long dip. How can you make summers to add more excitement to your kids or family? Fun pool toys will make you forget the heat and create a lively atmosphere for your family to cherish.

Bulzi Bucket

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Bulzi bucket is a versatile game that is played both in the pool and water. The aim is to toss the ball into the buckets. Each bucket is associated with specific points, and your goal should be to score the maximum. This fun game comes with a carrying case for housing all the parts. It is also easy to break down and store. Children over six years of age will enjoy this game thoroughly. What’s more, Bulzi bucket is a great game to play in groups. As such, it is ideal for every member of your family.

Diving Toys For Seasoned And Novice Swimmers

Enjoying diving through the pool with fantastic speed torpedos and diving rings. Kids with excellent swimming skills best enjoy these toys. Your kids can chase torpedos with varying speed and improve upon their swimming skills.

Get ready for some fun with the foam water blaster. This toy is mainly for kids who are not confident swimmers. The water shooters resemble ordinary pool noodles. Watch your kids pull the handle, load the water, and aim at their target. These fun pool toys can shoot water up to 30 feet. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to handle. Water blasters advisable or children over four years or older.

Finding Nemo Catch Game

If you have got a little Disney lover in your family, then this game might be just for you! The set contains a net in the form of Mr. Ray. There are five other characters from the movie ” finding Nemo” as well. Your little one will enjoy finding and catching these characters. Some of the characters here sink while the others float. So your child will learn both diving and swimming skills with this game. This game is for kids over five years of age.

Spark Shark Fish Hunt

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This is an exciting two-player game that comes with sinkers and hand-held shark nets. There are six sinking fishes for the players to catch. Fun pool toys like this one add some spark to the classic swimming relay. It is made from sturdy materials and easy to maneuver swimming. It is a great game to keep your kids engaged and improve their motor skills.

Wave Rider Ride On For The Little Cruiser

Fun pool toys like this ride on resemble a jet ski and are perfect for preschoolers and older toddlers. It is excellent stability in the water owing to its broader base. The handle up top also serves as additional support. This way, your child will have no difficulty in maintaining balance on the water. However, for kids, who are unsure of their swimming skills must be monitored carefully while he/she is at play. The ride on is suited for kids who are older than three years of age.

Swimming is made more fun when you pair it with fun toys. Use these toys and see the spark that lights up in your child’s heart. Make your swimming experience unforgettable by using these toys.

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