Having your very own personal swimming pool in Las Vegas can literally be the difference between having a backyard that is ‘drab’ or ‘fab’. However, what most people never talk about whenever they’re chatting someone’s ear off about their stunning backyard swimming pool, is the fact that pool maintenance is far from fun.

Pools Chores in Las Vegas

Vacuuming, adding chlorine, skimming your swimming pool, and so many more dull tasks can sometimes make pool ownership feel like a chore by itself – especially when your swimming pool is supposed to be the place where you escape from all of the stress of everyday life.

Don’t fret, this isn’t a call to arms against swimming pools, it’s a celebration of the great time saving and boredom busting gadgets that can make maintaining your Las Vegas swimming pool a breeze.

Gadgets For Your Las Vegas Pool – Robotic Pool Cleaner

If there is one swimming pool maintenance gadget that deserves to be mentioned on every list, it’s the robotic pool cleaner.

This awesome little life saver is a cute little gadget that does exactly what it sounds like it does – it’s an autonomous mobile machine that cleans your pool.


Most of the recommended robotic swimming pool cleaners on the market can simply be dropped into your swimming pool, plugged in, and then left on their own. That’s it; while you go about doing whatever else you want to do, this little marvel will clean the floor – and even the walls! – of your swimming pool.

Gadgets For Your Las Vegas Pool – Automated Skimmer

If your Las Vegas home is surrounded by a lot of trees then skimming your swimming pool could potentially be a routine that you go through on a daily basis – especially if its summertime.  

Simply put, an un-skimmed swimming pool can be a downright turn off, if not for you (although it should be), then for any guests that you may potentially have over. Yes skimming is a dull chore, but it doesn’t have to be a dull chore that you suffer through any longer, not if you get an automatic pool skimmer.


Automatic pool skimmers, are devices that you simply drop into your swimming pool and they float around collecting leaves, bugs, dirt, and other debris. 

Gadgets For Your Las Vegas Pool – We Can Help!

Premier Pools and Spas wants to create your oasis in the middle of the desert. Our professional pool installation and renovation team is available in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas and Boulder City. We are passionate about building and take pride in our work. We only hire individuals who are both talented designers and detail-oriented builders. This means that your project will be handled from beginning to end, by someone who is highly experienced in every aspect of the process. You can also be confident that the project will be just right for your space.

Create a pool that matches your home design and reflects your personality. Choose a traditional geometric shape, or a modern design, or a freeform creation, tailored around your existing landscape. We can update your existing swimming pool to take it from simple to exceptional, from outdated to fashionable, add a spa or install a water feature. Add as many unique features as you like to create a relaxing environment. Our vanishing edges and beach entries are incredibly popular. A wet beach deck, like you would find in Cabo or Acapulco, is a simple addition that gives your home a resort feeling. We can provide patio areas, custom barbeque’s, fire features, waterfalls, water slides, rock features, custom lighting and landscaping to turn your backyard into an oasis. Create an elaborate backyard that seems to have naturally sprung up out of the desert, or a simpler design with class and style.

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